The Mystery Blog Award.

Hello! So, yes, there'll be two posts today; usually there's just the one, but I felt like I needed to 'make it up', due to a technical fault. I had also been nominated for this award by Natalie from Gorgeous And Geeky (click here to visit her blog).. it needed doing! The rules are:  Put … Continue reading The Mystery Blog Award.

The British Tag

I have recently been searching the Internet for some post ideas-because doing the 365 day challenge can limit your creativity at times. I came across The British Tag over at this blog, and felt that I wanted to have a go. So, here's today's post! (Please be aware that I have adapted this post slightly...) … Continue reading The British Tag

This time next year tag

This is a post that I've seen floating around for a while-you can see the exact post here. So, here's my version: Firstly, you have to thank the person who tagged you-so, maybe over social media. Next, write and set yourself  goals for next year, as well as how you intend to achieve them. Tag … Continue reading This time next year tag

Blogger Recognition Award 

I was nominated by Chloe-Rose at What Chloe Wrote for this post; click here to see her version of this post. Here's my version, and thank you to Chloe-Rose for nominating me! The Rules: Thank the blogger publicly-on social media-as well as with a link in your post. Give a brief story about how you … Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award 

50 Things To Do If You’re Bored. 

A friend sparked the idea for this post; she was bored, and messaging me, asking all sorts of questions. Here are fifty things to do if you're bored! Read a book. Any book.  Go for a walk. Dream about a holiday you wish to take. Plan to make it a reality. Reorganise your bedroom. Colour … Continue reading 50 Things To Do If You’re Bored. 

Thirteen Personal Questions Tag.

A little while ago, over at Kimberly Jessica's blog, she posted the thirteen personal questions tag. Now, I do love a tag post-plus it's a way to be more interactive as a blogger-so I had to borrow the idea. (All credit goes to Kimberly Jessica-you can click here to read the original blog post.)   What … Continue reading Thirteen Personal Questions Tag.

The Blogger Tag. 

Recently, I saw this tag circulating on Twitter, and thought that I just had to have a go. (Courtesy of this post here.) Now, I do love a good tag post. So I just had to have a go. The questions have been slightly adapted for purposes of language. 1. When and why did you start … Continue reading The Blogger Tag. 

The Unpopular Book Opinions Tag. 

So, some way or another, I was lead to The Diary Of A Bookish Girl. (Click here to view.) And I read this excellent book tag, that I thought I would love to also write myself!  But first of all, I Tag the following bloggers. (Basically meaning that because their name is included here, they … Continue reading The Unpopular Book Opinions Tag. 

50 Random Facts About Me Tag. 

Around the Blogger universe, several bloggers have completed the fifty random facts about me tag. Essentially, you write fifty random facts about yourself, and tag ten other bloggers to do the same. So, here we go! I'm definitely a cat person, rather than a dog person 😺 The first concert that I went to see … Continue reading 50 Random Facts About Me Tag.