Recently, I lost my motivation to blog-something that has never happened before. Trying to write content for a living takes the fun out of.. well, not writing for money. It loses its appeal. Over on… View Post

Google is a lifesaver sometimes. Well, that’s just my humble opinion. Since I started my NCTJ qualification, I have been using Google a lot more than usual; my searches have perhaps become more specialised. They… View Post

As some of you may know, one of my pencils is Abbie, from; earlier this year, we met, up, and explored Brighton. (See my post here.) She very kindly sent me a book by… View Post

Back in May, I saw Anastacia in concert; but what also caught my eye was the support act, Philippa Hanna. The lady with a huge voice…I bought her album, and have played it too many… View Post