Where were you when you heard your first Queen song? What was your reaction: love it or lump it? I was five years old; You’re My Best Friend played in the car while we were… View Post

The 24th of October will see the release of the official Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody; meanwhile, I chatted to journalist, broadcaster, and biographer Lesley Ann Jones. Today is the release of a reissue of her… View Post

Brian May is the Guitarist from Queen (rock band), but is also an author, a campaigner, composer, and a lot more. To be honest, he’s my hero. And, as part of bringing in more creative… View Post

*Disclaimer: I attended this gig, having requested Press tickets, to give it an honest review. What follows is my genuine opinion.* If you’ve been reading this blog for a while-surely a year counts as this?-you’ll… View Post

So….Queen Extravaganza this year are touring, with Greatest Hits, and a full run-through of A Night At The Opera. They are the official Queen tribute band. Last year, I interviewed lead singer, Marc Martel, (click here to… View Post