Guest Post: Natalie Benton, From Gorgeous And Geeky, On Her Favourite Planner.

Hello, my name is Natalie Benton and I’m the blogger behind Gorgeous and Geeky (Click here to view.). I 'met' Lydia from Mademoiselle Women in June on Twitter, and we quickly decided on writing a collab post. I hummed and hawed for a few weeks about what I wanted to write about and thankfully Lydia … Continue reading Guest Post: Natalie Benton, From Gorgeous And Geeky, On Her Favourite Planner.

Productivity tips #1 ; how to be organised, & get stuff done!

Good morning.- Being a student is hard, isn't it? We have so many deadlines-for assignments, deadlines, revision-as well as a social life, other projects, potential employment, etc. But organisation is key! Therefore, I wanted to share a few tips as to how to be organised, and how to get things done. Utilise your phone. There's … Continue reading Productivity tips #1 ; how to be organised, & get stuff done!

15 Reasons You should Have A Planner.

Over the course of writing for this blog, you can probably see that I am an advocate for planners, as well as organisation and planning. But instead of posting a photo-centric post for today, I wanted to post a logical post about the benefits of a planner. They don't crash.  What bothered me most about … Continue reading 15 Reasons You should Have A Planner.

Inside my bullet journal.

  As somebody with Asperger's syndrome, organisation is very important to me; I have to plan my days, know what everyone else is doing. Added to this various things: column and homework deadlines; a vague revision schedule; interviews; blog posts to write and more. I was in need of a planner. My planner's have variously … Continue reading Inside my bullet journal.

My planner Wishlist.

I am very excited to be getting a new planner: you'll be able too see my reasons as for the switch soon, as I'll be posting about it soon. (Long story short, I needed an upgrade, as everything was becoming too crammed into my personal sized planner.) I love to have everything laid out visually … Continue reading My planner Wishlist.

Washi tape

For today's post, I wanted to write an ode to something I love; washi tape. WASHI TAPE! (Yes, really. Please excuse how odd this post is.) Washi tape makes my planner pretty; I could sit for hours, just decorating it, cutting it up in bits, etc. And it makes me very happy to see a … Continue reading Washi tape

Why I’m Changing To A Paperchase Organiser From A Filofax.

Don't get me wrong; my Filofax has been my lifeline for a long time now, in organising every role I have to inhibit-the student, the columnist, the blogger, the wannabe journalist. And by the title of this post, I wish not to sound disparaging towards Filofax; it really has been a good brand to me … Continue reading Why I’m Changing To A Paperchase Organiser From A Filofax.

The Liebster Award 1.

Whew! good morning. You'll probably think that today's post is really self centred, pretentious, but Blog Awards are a great way for Bloggers to connect, hence why I'm writing this for today. I was nominated by Daniella, whose blog you can read by clicking here.  For this post, you have to: Post eleven personal facts Answer … Continue reading The Liebster Award 1.

Inside My Bullet Journal. (Guest post by Envy Fisher.)

Today's guest post is by Envy Fisher, over at Lost In translation. Be sure to visit her blog by clicking here! I think every blogger will agree with me that we live in the age of Bullet Journals. I know very few bloggers who don’t have a notebook full of fancy spreads to keep their … Continue reading Inside My Bullet Journal. (Guest post by Envy Fisher.)

A look inside my Filofax.

  As I've done previously, I've shared a few posts, relating to my Filofax, how I plan, and what is inside. As I write this, it's the last day of February, and my planner has already become well and truly stuffed. About a week ago, there was also a Twitter chat, which deviated towards Filofaxes, … Continue reading A look inside my Filofax.

A look into my journal. (Guest post by Lauren at This Stuff Is Golden.) 

(For this 365 day challenge I'm doing, I wanted to bring a few guest posters along; mainly because it's a collaborative thing to do in the Blgging world, it can impact your views, and I do get sick of my own 'writing voice' at times. So, Lauren from This Stuff Is Golden was nice enough … Continue reading A look into my journal. (Guest post by Lauren at This Stuff Is Golden.) 

Filofax set up for 2017.

Well, well, here we go again with the planner content (!) Last year, I was a Reader Under The Spotlight, over at Philofaxy. (Click here to view.) But I've also changed my set up again, mainly to take on far more demands, both social and academic. So, for the second post this year, I thought I … Continue reading Filofax set up for 2017.

A planner tour for 2017.

  Recently, I blogged about my change of planner allegiance, as well as with a "How-to guide". This is a planner sort of in transit, ready for 2017. There's a lot of Washi Tape, as well as stickers.. I recently changed pens-just so I have four shades instead of fountain pen blue. Because that's just … Continue reading A planner tour for 2017.

Filofax: a how to guide.

  The other day, I was reading a great post about 'how to bullet-journal'(click here to read.) Whilst reading, it struck me that there doesn't seem to be such a thing for a Filofax.. so here's my version! You will need: A Filofax (obviously! ) Stickers Writing implements Sticky notes Buisness cards Colour: First of all, … Continue reading Filofax: a how to guide.

A Filofax update; I bought it anew!

  So, yeah..I bought a new Filofax. This red Metrapool replaced my four-years-on-the-go-planner, which was beginning to give up on me. Still the same size Personal, this is the insides: Okay, maybe not. There's two pen loops, unlike the one before: it's very useful, as my biros do run out very quickly. On opening.. In … Continue reading A Filofax update; I bought it anew!