I recently finished my NCTJ journalism qualification, and I was in a “treat yourself” mood. After nearly a year in training, it was time to get organised. (Here comes the job search, the freelance pitches!) And so I found myself… View Post

A little while ago, I interviewed Scarlett Dixon from Scarlett London (click here to view here blog.) However, it has since been announced that she will be soon releasing a clothing collection, at the time of writing. So, I emailed… View Post

Hot Feminist is a book Polly Vernon has written, that sort of has taken feminism to a new level, discussing how it’s okay to wear clothes, make up, etc, and still be a feminist. Click here to buy the book.… View Post

Elizabeth Winder is my favorite author, who wrote Pain Parties Work; Sylvia Plath in New York, Summer 1953. And luckily, she agreed to an interview-all with the help of Twitter. But was Sylvia really ‘ flattened out into the grey image of a… View Post