On My Way To The NTCJ: Part One.

For a long time now, I've known that I would love to be a Journalist. It was to do with words-just a simple love of words-was what started it off; wanting, even having to write. The interest in 'Current Affairs' came later, with my love of history-cold war, world war two, rock. The NTCJ (National … Continue reading On My Way To The NTCJ: Part One.

50 things I’m grateful for.

Let's change the tune of this blog, if only for a day; lets be grateful! These are fifty things that I am grateful for, and I wish to inspire you to do the same. And these are in no particular order, please note. Being able-bodied. The day I was FINALLY diagnosed as having Aspergers Syndrome. … Continue reading 50 things I’m grateful for.

My bucket list of experiences. *

Update: This post has partially been left uncompleted, as I was asked to link to content that would have been detrimental to the creation of my Domain Authority.  Eventbrite recently contact me, in order to inspire me to create a list of experiences that I cherish, in the form of a bucket list. So, for … Continue reading My bucket list of experiences. *