It’s all in the sound.

Hello, As somebody with Aspergers, I guess you could say that I'm very much a contradiction; I ADORE rock music, and go to concerts for the express purpose of reviewing them. But I can also shudder at some sounds, and become overwhelmed. Simple, right?! For this post I thought I would put to words my … Continue reading It’s all in the sound.

My Autumn Playlist by Nina Vuckovic. (Guest post.)

This is a guest post, completely unique to this week, by Nina over at this blog. (Click here to view.) Lydia invited me from Kekoas Korner to write a guest post on Mademoiselle Women and I feel honoured. So my blog is about music and this is why I’ve created a fall playlist exclusively for … Continue reading My Autumn Playlist by Nina Vuckovic. (Guest post.)

Headphones; leave me in peace!

Can I make a confession? Virtually everywhere I go, I wear my headphones, particularly if in transit, like on a train or walking. (And I do get frowned at; it's not exactly advisable in terms of road safety, but  I just leave it on shuffle, so I can be 'car aware'.) You see, this … Continue reading Headphones; leave me in peace!

Interview with Anastacia, singer/songwriter

"I'm out of love, set me free, and let me out this misery.." If you're a regular reader, you'll know I love Anastacia's music; the 'Little Lady With The Big Voice', complete with such songs as Left Outside Alone, Paid My Dues, I'm Outta Love, and Take This Chance. As part of the Ultimate Collection Tour, … Continue reading Interview with Anastacia, singer/songwriter

My Wild West by Lissie; an album review.*

I adore Lissie-just to finally have a female artist, singing Folk Rock songs, that she writes herself, complete with a husky voice. (This has been since the Back To Forever days-dancing around to Cold Fish or even Shameless.) With regard to all of this, it was thrilling to be sent her new album to review. And it's out today! According … Continue reading My Wild West by Lissie; an album review.*