When we think of Christmas, most of us view it as a joyful time of year. It’s an opportunity to get the extended family together under one roof, and to eat as much as you can stomach because calories don’t count… View Post

[AD/gifted; I was sent this book, by Headline Press, in exchange for a review. Photograph also contains two gifted books.] I was recently gifted a copy of Take Nothing With You, the new novel by Patrick Gale, which is out… View Post

We need to talk about stereotypes. Like, now. I ‘ve noticed a lot of stereotypes online amongst the Autistic community-mainly unhelpful comments from people who don’t necessarily have understanding of the condition. These are nine stereotypes I have counted, and sometimes… View Post

“And what would you like to do in the industry, if you graduate?” It’s a question that I get asked a lot. Because: just what would you like to do as a journalist? And I’m still wrestling with it. And since I… View Post

Music has healing power, I swear. People ask me “Why do you wanna be a Journalist?”, in the roundabout way; music has been a huge influence in this. Musicians are interesting-behind the songs, there is always a story-and besides, you… View Post