Blog Posts I Love. (Feat. Notebooks, style, and more!)

As I write this, it’ll probably be a long time before I post this; I was inspired by what I was reading over at Gala Darling earlier today. On social media, or just blogs in general, there has just been so much drama; be it Instagram follower purchases, or debates about small businesses. I have had enough, to be honest. I blog because I love to write, and I feel I have something to contribute to a wider field. For today’s post, though it feels like cheating. I’ll be sharing some posts I’ve been reading recently. These are the Bloggers that I admire, and their posts have made me think, etc.


Gingerbread Muffins by Kimberly Jessica. 

Who else goes back right to the inception of a blog, and reads from there? No? Just me then. I really like Kimberly Jessica’s blog because it’s straight to the point, concise, complete with colourful photos are very brave posts. This post (Click here to view. ) is a gingerbread muffin bake, which I will be trying out later this year.

Why I Love Stationery by A Beautiful Chaos. 

I have been a massive fan of Nicole’s blog for a long time now, quite simply because there isn’t anything comparable. It tackles mental health without shame or pity, with lighter toned pieces thrown in. To be honest, I wish I had her skill. This post is all about how writing, as well as notebooks and more, can be of a benefit to your mental health. Click here to view. 

Fifty Questions You’ve Never Been Asked Tag by World Of Jess.

Click here to view.  I love a good tag post; it means that I have an excuse, at times, not to necessarily be creative. Tags are also a way of other bloggers getting together and connecting. This tag is completely random, which was a breath of fresh air; I may also post my own version one day.

Ginger Beer Stir Fry Recipe, by Food And Other Loves.

I love food, but I’m not really a decent cook; but this recipe makes it look easy. The photography also makes me feel hungry. I may also make this recipe one day. Click here to view. 

Top Five Ways To Define Your Own Personal Style, by Gala Darling. 

Gala Darling talks a lot of sense; whenever she posts, it’s like a wiser, older sister, or a friend who is far more worldly than you can ever hope to be, talking to you. I subscribe to her movement of Radical Self Love; I was also looking back through her blog, when I found this post. (Click here to view. ) I have previously been picked on, made fun of, for the way I dress; I was inspired by this post, and will be using it in future.

Visiting Arundel Castle, by More About Cat.

I haven’t had the chance to go inside this castle; if I’m honest, I was really intrigued by the post. I would love to go inside, and I loved the photography in this post.  Click here to view. 

Why Being Different Is Better, by Chloe Mayes.

Chloe and I both have Asperger’s syndrome; with this comes an awareness that you are just somehow different. What use to both me however was how ‘difference’ was-and still is-percieved; as often being a bad thing. (Really, it’s not!) This post I just had to include as it made me feel better about myself; Chloe is one seriously cool Blogger.  Click here to view. 

My Lush Hair Product Collection, by Dainty Alice.

Let’s declare this now; I am a Lush Fiend, complete with the Capital ‘F’. I just do not understand its cult beauty product status. However, during a Blog chat, I saw this post (Click here to view. ), which is all about hair products. I have ‘problem skin’ on my scalp, and my hair is often just dry and tangly. I bought the American Cream on reading this post, and it has made quite the difference.

What posts have you been reading? Let me know in the comments.

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Here’s why I love having Asperger’s…

I know what you’re thinking: “What’s she on about now?” I’m tired of being told indirectly that I should feel shame for having Asperger’s-such as being mocked for my dull voice, mimicked in my knowledge, or people trying to force eye contact to make me feel uncomfortable. Because being on the autism spectrum is pretty cool. And I want to prove this in one post.

# Special interests.

Special interests… what can I say? Yes, it’s perceived as being ‘annoying’ when we can’t talk about anything else, apart from our special interest. But it allows us to specialise in whatever field, and to a greater degree than may have otherwise been possible.

# Organisation.

Organisation is something that I’m good at, but not because I want to be. (If I don’t know exactly what happens when, or when an assignment is due, I can become very anxious.) But organisation is a plus, as it leaves a lot of time and utilises it to the max. And it allows us to accomplish a lot.

# Originality. 

Can I be honest? I have always wanted to talk about more than just what is deemed ‘appropriate’ for my age group-I want to talk about Cold War history, current affairs, singers, concerts, blogging, books, etc. I never wanted to talk about just boys, hair, make up. Not that there’s anything wrong wth these topics-they’re just a bit limiting, and (in my opinion) dull. If you’re an ‘Aspie’, there’s something original in what yo wish to talk about.




I am pleased to announce that I am working with Basic Beauty Tools. If you go to their website via this link , and order the Spongedry, you can get an extra free foundation blender by adding under ‘Note To Seller’ your colour code: LYDIAPINK for pink, LYDIAPURPLE for purple, and LYDIABLACK for black.


Why I love Line Of Duty.

Hands up in you love a good police drama?

I vaguely remember watching Series Three of Line Of Duty; if I’m totally honest, I can’t recall all the specifics, but I do know that I just didn’t’t understand the plot line, due to my age. But series four changed that for me; I love Line Of Duty. And I’ve been back and watched (nearly) all of the episodes from Series One. As this is a lifestyle blog, I thought I’d post some reasons why as to why I love this series.

Firstly, there isn’t many series’ designed for people my age that are accurate or absorbing. (I’m eighteen, and a lot of what the entertainment industry produces I find to be for people far younger than me.) When I wish to watch the television, I love to be transported, by way of escape; I wish not to be patronised. Line Of Duty is gritty by contrast; it has the substance that these programmes don’t. (I don’t want to engage in something so sugary sweet; give me the realism!) As a show, it also has some accuracy, in that retired policemen are advisors to the production, therefore enabling what I just stated.

I also love the characterisation. Rather than airbrushing reality, these characters are human; they have affairs, commit crimes to gather their own form of justice, scream and shout, go to the pub for after work drinks, etc. I love characters who I can identify with, even look up to; the character of Kate Fleming I think is really cool. In what’s seen as a ‘Man’s world’, she holds her own, and isn’t above ‘outing’ anything she sees as not being to the standard of the law. (For example, she even tells an officer off for his suspect sexual misconduct.) These characters have their personal lives, but are heavily committed to their jobs.

Each and every series is also linked; there’s clues in each final episode, relating to what will be covered in the next series. In the ‘intermission’ of the next series being filmed, this of course allows for speculation.

I also think that Jed Mercurio, who essentially writes and created this series, is a brilliant writer; there are so many twists in this series. (And largely unexpected!) I would love to write like him. These twists can become dark, which I also like, as there aren’t any cut corners. At last!

I also think that Superintendent Hastings has some of the best one liners; Buzzfeed even has a whole article dedicated to this, which you can view by clicking here. Although he is a fundamentally flawed human being, he’s such a cool character, complete with these deadpan one-liners. Because we need some humour in a quite bleak drama, right? He seems to have his own fandom online as well. (The internet can be a very odd place at times.)

The villains are also very realistic. Rather than being written as a stereotypical ‘there’s-a-monster-under-my-bed’ character, they are incredibly devious, highly sophisticated. Lindsay Denton is quite calculating as one of the villains; but you don’t know who the villains are, right up until the end.

I also really like Steve Arnott’s cockiness; deemed to be a ‘tosser’ by Martin Compton who plays him, a lot of the storylines do resolve around him. I also really liked the explanation as to why he is virtually always wearing a waistcoat. (Google it!)

There’s also the catch phrase, that Officer X, Y or Z “has the right to be interviewed by an officer at least one rank senior”. No idea, but that thrills me.



13 things I love about having Aspergers Sydrome.

For a while now, I’ve felt sick and tired. Why? Because various people made me feel ashamed to be on the autism spectrum, when really, it has a lot of benefits. And, all the people I’ve met with ASD are pretty cool. I had to make a list as to why I love being on Spectrum.

  1. We are original in our way of thinking. Though we may have trouble conforming with our peers, that allows us to be unique.
  2. The people I have met who are on spectrum also largely have a very dry sense of humour; be it literal, dark, they have an ability to laugh at Life.
  3. The obsessional interest trait allows us to hone in on something particular, meaning that we can specialise, almost, in this subject.
  4. The above point according to some has an impact on potential careers.
  5. And back to my originality point: this also goes with the impact on future careers.
  6. I still think that the special interest trait gives some of us incredible abilities, seeing that some of us do incredible things.
  7. We have great people to look up to who are on spectrum; because, for one, they are like us, and it isn’t necessarily admiration for an artistic venture. Even just those who are suspected of being on spectrum!
  8. A fair few people I know who have ASD are great at the classic one liners.
  9. Friendships can take on a much deeper meaning.
  10. Not a lot is known about Aspergers Sydndrome, but we know more about it than we did a few years ago. To me, there’s just something comforting in that.
  11. To a certain extent, there is some help available in my country.
  12. I’m messy as a person: if you saw my living space, you’d probably be really shocked. But I’m good with organisation-because I need to be, otherwise I can become agitated. I manage this blog, a column, being a student, submission of articles occasionally, and more.
  13. People who are on the spectrum, I think, have a different way of interpreting how to be empathetic. And it can be something far more meaningful!

See you tomorrow,







Why I love rock…a fan girls opinion. 

As part of my blog content, you can probably see that I’m starting to cover music. Music is a part of my lifestyle-so that I listen to it everywhere I go, collect Vinyl, interview musicians, etc. But I’m often asked “why do you like Rock?” (because, well, I have Aspergers, and noise doesn’t compute well, traditionally.)

Rock has been one of my favourite genres for a long time now-probably since I bought my first proper CD, Queen’s A Night At The Opera. In this sense, I like the songs, as they are seemingly timeless; I was born eight years after Freddie mercury died, and three after Phil Collins left Genesis. (Go on, guess how old I am, I dare you 🙂 ) And there’s so many enigmatic songs-just who is ‘so vain’? But anyway, my point is that these songs have an enduring appeal-why else would we still be singing them?

These songs and the genre are also a comfort to me. When I go out, or am walking in a city that I don’t know particularly well, I will have my headphones in. It’s a sensory thing-related to my Aspergers-because I dislike so much noise. (Try being at Victoria station-there’s a lot of people, trains, announcements, etc. And it puts my head in a whirl.)

Rock is also something that I enjoy-just the sheer beat of the songs, or how it was engineered over time. These song may be cliched in parts, but they rely more on melody to tell the story of the lyrics. They also have a proper structure. And it was a pioneering era of music-just look at Bohemian Rhapsody!

And, I like this genre, because it’s what I aspire to specialise in; I would love to be a music Journalist. I’ve interned at NME, interviewed Marc Martel, reviewed Lissie, QUEX, and Emeli Sande in concert, met Brian May, and listened to a few albums and reviewed them for their releases. Music is an interest to me. And these are some of the most interesting people I have ever met, observed, questioned and listened to. What more could I do?


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I am pleased to announce that I am working with Basic Beauty Tools. If you go to their website via this link , and order the Spongedry, you can get an extra free foundation blender by adding under ‘Note To Seller’ your colour code: LYDIAPINK for pink, LYDIAPURPLE for purple, and LYDIABLACK for black.

10 ways to spread joy. 

Joy is something that is very subjective-that feeling on seeeing your work admired, when you see your kids at the end of the day, when your husband comes home, on finding out that new music is being released by your favorite singer, etc. It isn’t something that is very ‘big’-in the sense that we don’t use it to compliment people-and I wish to change that. For the better. So, here’s ten ways to spread a little joy…

  1. Comment on a bloggers post. Ha ha! But in all seriousness, it’s always nice to see your work being admired, and even knowing what you could do better. Bloggers put a lot of work into what we do. And yet it doesn’t always show. So, maybe next time you read a good post, you could comment on it.
  2. Visit your local library. These establishments are in general decline, which is a real shame. We need to use them more! So, next time you want a good book to read, or just a place to meet people, visit it.
  3. Call somebody you haven’t seen in a long time. Don’t text them! Texting removes a personal element at times from interaction-just the sound of voices can be a real comfort. Better still, Skype!
  4. Give random gifts to people. They don’t have to be big, extravagant, etc-but they can be silly, thoughtful, or a ‘just because’.
  5. Compile and exchange playlists with somebody.
  6. Text a joke to your friends. Best not to be too corny, but it could be in a form of a meme… as long as it isn’t too offensive.
  7. Tweet your friends compliments.
  8. Better still, compliment people face-to-face. We all need that little ‘boost’ of confidence at times-just remember to be genuine about it, and not just for the sake of.
  9. Write a letter! I love doing this. Letters have such a great, personal feel-and they are a rarity these days. Even if it’s to an aunt you don’t see, these bring joy to people.
  10. Give your best friend cookies!

What do you do to spread joy?



Why I love politics. 

I know what you’re thinking: *yawn, yet another gob job on the internet wanting to write about Brexit, yawn, moving slong*. In a way, you are correct. I’ll be mentioning some political events indirectly for this post, but in order to tell you why I love politics.

Again, it was a spar-of-the-moment choice to take it at A Level; the lecturer at the open evening had spotted me looking at political cartoons on a board, which were promptly discussed. (They were vaguely satirical, something akin to what is found in Private Eye.) But it developed from there, way back in 2015.

These last two years have been filled with politicised events; we had the refugee crisis that’s still ongoing, the first female presidential candidate, a second female Prime Minister, the Trump administration, Brexit, widening debates about the gender pay gap, constituency changes, the end of the Obama era, and so much more. (As a wannabe Journalist, the news is what I read every morning-BBC, Guardian, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Mid Sussex Times-in the hope to have a well-rounded few of global and localised news. Anyway, I digress.)

At the heart of politics are people-if it’s a democracy, a dictatorship, etc. It’s all around us, even if you don’t vote.

We all have opinions-often strongly-about various subjects:Brexit, Trump, Farage, Smoking, Tax, Tobelerone, IPad, EU, Theresa May, etc. (All of these are in reference to recent news stories.) But they’re all politicised to a degree. 

Essentially, I love politics, because it’s a subject that doesn’t stop. It’s all around us, in spite of apathy, hapathy, etc.

10 Things I love About Autumn. Because who doesn’t?!

Probably, over the past few years, my favourite season has changed to Autumn. I like it more than winter, the mainly doom and gloom months of where I live. Autumn I have come to love, for various reasons:

  1. You can combine wearing what counts as a sunmer dress, with thick tights. (I majorly prefer this, than trousers and thick jumpers, bundled all in! 😂)
  2. Halloween! One night a year to dress up with emphasis on the eccentric, to scary yourself witless. What’s not to love?
  3. Cinema nights in. With chocolate. And a decent film. 
  4. I like to observe bonfire night’s, complete with loud fireworks, from my bedroom window. I dislike the sound, but they are so proud.
  5. There’s usually a lot of New books that are out, I’m the run up to Christmas. For a reader like me, that’s ideal. I can spend time pouring over a new plot…
  6. The Fall, season Three!
  7. Netflix. Obviously.
  8. There are a lot of events, primarily to do with blogging, at this time of year.
  9. Blogtober. 
  10. Hot soup on a rainy day.

What do you live about Autumn?