Things A Woman Should Know About Style Book Review. *


Disclaimer: this is a proof copy that I was sent to review, at my own request. What follows is my own opinion. Thank you to Chloe at Carlton Books.

Remember Fashion? That very controversial subject-it raged over the fur debate, is still a major industry, and bloggers are now sat on the front row, complete with its own hashtag. One thing that strikes me about this book is that it seemingly does not like fashion-and prefers style as the alternative. (Jacqueline Kennedy had style, yet it is her ‘look’ that endears today. Fashion comes, fashion goes, which is the most notable difference.) So far, so good.

The further I progress through this book, however, the more I think it has a little bit of a snarky tone; there are claims such as ‘cheap clothes don’t look good on people over thirty’. What exactly are cheap clothes, anyway? Mine are largely pieces worn over and over, from places like H&M; I see nothing wrong with these. They fit well into my style of wannabe preppy student, anyway.

However, my favorite thing about this book is that it uses history to back up its arguments; the twenties and thirties had style-courtesy of Coco Chanel, who is then partially quote on one of the pages. And it gives examples of fashion by era-seventies, eighties, nineties, etc.

This book is ideal for a style-conscious friend, a fashion blogger, even as a Mother’s Day gift. Yet, I’m not sure it’s entirely for me.

Rate: 8/15

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Little Known Box Unboxing And Review.

Disclaimer: this post contains a PR sample. However, I did request to review this subscription box (it’s March at the time of writing). What follows is my honest opinion. Thank you to Louise at Little Known Box.

Put it this way; at the end of a long day, I love to come home, a find a semi surprise of a package for me-and as love seeing what they contain. (Put it this way; it was a Wednesday, meaning I was in college from 8:30 AM- 6:00PM.) And it’s times like this that I sometimes like to indulge in a little bit of luxury-this was a really tiring day. Let’s have a look inside this Little Known Box.

Little Known Box sells itself as being a luxury beauty subscription box, as well as being without cruelty in their products. Sounds quite ambitious, right? But look at what’s inside! The box is quite clean, sleek, and simple in design-because simplicity is elegant. (Apple fan here!)  The note on top also adds a personal touch-always lovely.

I’m already impressed.

This is what’s inside, and you can see my personal note to the right. There’s a voucher, and a phamlet detailing what’s inside. (I was too curious, and put it aside for later, to dive right in.) But because it’s only just coming into spring at the time of writing, the idea of compiling this box was to be able to have a pampering night in.

What’s inside?

  • Miss Patisserie Bath Melt.

(A relative laughed at ‘melt’.) I’ve never really heard of a ‘Melt’ before-and I’m not a big fan of Lush bath bombs. But let’s see how this goes! (I’m willing to try this-and besides, it smells quite nice.)

  • Friendly Soap.

Hygiene is always a good thing to promote! 😁 And Lavender and Geranium…..hmmmmm..

  • Monuskin recovery Balm.

Sometimes, and I’ll try not to be too graphic, but I sometimes suffer from dry skin. (Anyone reading this who is the same: it’s horrible, right?!) This is a saviour for us! I put some on a semi-sore elbow when I received this-and it really works. Plus it has a lovely cream texture, which is also cooling in texture. (Put it in your handbag-I promise it works!)

  • Witch lash mascara.

Firstly, this is a cruelty free mascara-and you can see this tiny detail on the packaging. But as somebody with glasses, eye make up is often a problem for me-and is quite taxing and tedious to put on. This mascara wand bands, meaning that I can reach any eyelash, and all without stabbing myself in the eye! And although it does clump a little bit, this is quite easily rectified.

  • Mango lip balm.

Because who doesn’t love a new lip product?!

  • Eco care organic facial wipes.

I’ve been looking for some facial wipes that are not clinical in their smell-I just loathe the overwhelming medical smell that envelopes your face. These smell so good! They also don’t sting your skin-they have a soothing feel, even calming. They are lovely when you wake up.

What do you think-would you subscribe to this box? Rate: 14/15

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