What’s In My Blogging Bag?


Bloggers, I have a general question for you: how much does your idealised bag for blogging differ from reality? Yeah, bit of an odd question that. But for this post I wanted to create what would be my ‘dream’ blogging bag-one that has virtually everything needed, and is small enough to be carted around everywhere. And as you can see, I did cram it quite a lot.

The bag is from eBay-however, I highly doubt that its listing is still up for sale, having had the satchel for a while now. (You can tell by the handle-very tatty, as it is not real leather.) But if you’d like to shop for a very classy satchel, I suggest that you click here to do so.

Anyway….as a point of reference, I had had to cut down on how many photos I upload now, due to almost having reached sixty percent of my total storage on my browser. (Then I would have to pay for more, which I would rather not do.) Also, this post does contain some PR samples… But lets see what’s in the content of this bag.

  • The Bell Jar. I need a book with me at all times! Why? First, because this is something that keeps me occupied on long train journey’s. And besides, I can’t not read them-reading is what I enjoy. (The pages of The Bell Jar are just peeking from inside the pocket.)
  • Filofax. well….if you read this blog regularly, you can see that my Filofax is a regular feature almost. It virtually has everything in it-my blog slots, deadlines, ideas, medication, further progression, etc. And I would be pretty lost without a planner.
  • Purse. Aww, Cats! Got to love a cat! (Can you see why my nickname is ‘Crazy Cat Lady’?) This is where I keep my spare change. It was a purse I bought in Cyprus.
  • Charging block. This was a birthday present, and has been very useful at the best of times, simply so that my phone always has some charge. (How else would I call for help if needed?) I think that this was from Carphone Warehouse, although I may be wrong about that.
  • Phone. I adore my new phone! Having an iPhone 6s for my birthday was a real treat-now I don’t have to wait for web pages to load, or terrible service to reconnect, and I can hear people when I phone them. Sweet!
  • Headphones. Because music is so so good! I finally have used iTunes, and I LOVE to discover new songs, and take them with me wherever I go. (You’ll be seeing more of this on the blog, I promise.)
  • Pen. Because BIC makes my handwriting neat, and I am always in need of a spare pen.
  • Fruu lip balm. This was a PR sample that I received with Little Known Box. (Click here to see my unboxing.) And I LOVE the Mango scent of it-plus, it moisturises my lips well. We all have a stock of lip balms, don’t we, ladies? (Click here to see.)
  • Rings and bracelet. I am terrible, really I am. At the end of the day, I usually take off my jewellery, and put it all in my bag, leaving it to be forgotten about. But Jewellery Box were kind enough to send me a few samples, and I highly recommend them. Click here to see their website!
  • Keys. Ditto.
  • Benecos lipstick (not seen) I’m working with Benecos on a few beauty posts, which I can’t wait for you to see. But their lipsticks are awesome! Creamy in texture, as well as with smooth coverage, what’s not to love? (Click here to go to their website.) I’ll be taking this lipstick with me to special events.
  • Highlighters (also not seen) To colour code my Filofax!

What would you keep in your blogging bag?


Untitled design


I am pleased to announce that I am working with Basic Beauty Tools. If you go to their website via this link , and order the Spongedry, you can get an extra free foundation blender by adding under ‘Note To Seller’ your colour code: LYDIAPINK for pink, LYDIAPURPLE for purple, and LYDIABLACK for black.

Beauty Blogger Tag (From Chloe-Rose!)

I was conversing with Chloe-Rose, over at What Chloe Wrote. Having read her Beauty Blogger Tag post, and admired it, she encouraged me to answer her set questions. Here goes! (I copied her questions, which aren’t mine, and will be answering them.) And don’t forget to visit her blog-click here to view.

What make up product can’t you live without?

Gotta be my Topshop Magic Liner-it truly is magic! I also love it, because as somebody who is very shortsighted, it seems to be designed as to not stab me. Always a bonus!

Favourite hair care product?

Probably T-gel.

Favourite perfume?

See, this is quite a hard question, since I don’t really wear a lot of perfume. I have a Coco Mademoiselle knock-off, though. (Going with the blog name, I liked the smell regardless!) Probably Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift.

Why did you start blogging?

I saw an editorial in Shout Magazine, way back in 2012. Therefore, I simply wanted to join in.

What do you love most about blogging?

The people. Always the people. Whether it’s another blogger, a reader, a PR, publicist, etc, they always make my day-because I love to work with them, and they all leave me lovely comments at times. They are also so kind on Twitter.

Favourite celebrity style?

Hmmm…I don’t really follow Celebrity style 😂 I prefer my own-or people from history, such as Jacqueline Kennedy.

Must follow on instagram?

@AnastaciaMusic. I love her red touring jacket.

Lipstick or lipgloss?

Lipstick, always!

My questions are:

  • Where do you see your blog in five years?
  • Who is your style icon?
  • Top three lip products?
  • What do you love about beauty best of all?
  • Heels or flats?
  • Opinion about Celebrity perfumes?
  • Last impulse buy?
  • Favorite lipstick?

I nominate Kimberly Jessica, Lauren at This Stuff Is Golden, Country Katie UK, New York Cliche, and Calli.

Post to you soon,



The flowery lipstick of them all…Review. 


Do you remember this lipstick trend that was going round last year? No? Okay, click here for what Grazia has to say about flowery lipstick. Meanwhile, I’ll be writing this review…

So, Chinese beauty brand Kaliljumei has created these lovely jelly lipsticks. And they really are a beauty-complete with a mirror down one side, and a very slick design. There’s even a button that acts almost like an ejection thing-propelling your way to good lips!

The feel is very slippery, however it does have a tendency to make your lips a bit greasy. It also states ‘Flame red’; it’s not what I would compare to fire, but it’s still a beautiful shade.

What do you think-would you try this?



Kiss Balm Review. 

Now, I’m probably like a lot of you, in that I quite like a lip balm or two, drifting between various pockets and bags, etc. (Because chapped lips are horrible, am I right, ladies?!) So, it was really nice to receive this lip balm for Christmas.

Kiko is a lovely cosmetics shop, and I love to visit it whenever I go to Nroghton. It sells every product that you could possibly wish for-and a lot of them I don’t know what they do, because I’m lousy in this respect-and at such cheap prices. Because, yeah, what else could anyone want? And it’s such good value for money! I could wrote all day about this brand…


Obviously, from the paragraph above you can tell I’m really happy with Kiko as a brand. But the casing? Well, it’s very different to what other balms are on the market-a sort of plastic, metal, almost feel. (Did I put too many commas in that sentence? Probably!) It also quite clearly states the shade, what product it is, and the overarching brand. I also really like the font and colour-points for originality again.

Just as a point, though: be careful if you drop this balm, and are looking for it. If you step on the product, it seems a little fragile in terms of casing, and would probably break into pieces.

The product itself:

Welll…I have a lot to say about this, but will try and be as succinct as possible. Because, after all, there’s no point in rambling on and being boring.

The texture of the balm is incredibly creamy-which is why it’s more like a lipstick than a lip balm. However, a little goes a long way..But, then again, to leave lip marks from application is a bit gross. To combat this, I recommend using a tissue to wipe it. And don’t rub your lips together too much-it has a tendency to go all over your face.

It’s also not really Blackberry in hue. It’s more sort of strawberry…. the smell can be quite nice, but in small quantities also.

What do you think? Have you ever tried Kiss Balms?



What’s in my bag? (Minimalistic edition.)


The last time I wrote a post like this, it was soon deleted-in the basis that the writing was too immature, and it seemed just so frivolous. But, I wanted to indulge, and follow the many posts I’ve read recently about the insidesof a handbag…

The bag is from Amazon or Ebay: I literally typed in ‘satchel’. And yes, I can’t recall were. .

These are the insides! It’s just missing my purse (I’d rather not post that online!) and my phone-used to take the photos..


  • Andree’s War by Francelle Bradford White.

Elliott and Thompson sent me this to review, at my request. It’s the story of a nineteen year old resistance worker during the second world war; if ever you need a pick-me-up, or just an inspirational read, this is for you.


  • Tangle Tamer. 

I have curly hair. And even with hairspray, it’s prone to be very messy. So, when I asked Polly Vernon what’s in her handbag, I took a tip out of her book.*

*Okay, you could say I copied her. But I’d heard such great things about this magic brush!


  • Headphones.

I have Aspergers Sydrome, and find some places quite daunting, because of noise..so, to block it out, usually I’ll plug into a new playlist. (Lissie,  Phil Collins, Anastacia, Carly Simon, Freddie Mercury..)

  • Earrings.

Because why not?

  • Lipstick.

I get very dry lips, and this is my favourite shade, from The Body Shop.

  • Filofax.

The essential planner that’s made a lot of appearnces on this blog. Truth be told,I’d be lost without it. It holds my appointments, deadlines, writing slots for my book, interview questions, gratitude lists, clippings, and more..

These are a few posts from around the net, that make good extra reading:

  1. My Life Suckers
  2. Carrie Brighton
  3. The Chriselle Factor.

What do you keep in your bag?

Interview: Ann Shoket, editor of Seventeen Magazine (US).

Ann Shoket is one of my ‘editorial icons’-somebody who has worked in Journalism that I look up to. It has been a pleasure to interview the lady herself; now you can read what she has to say.
When growing up, did you aspire/want to be a Journalist?
 I thought I would be a doctor for a long time. Then I thought I would be a novelist. I landed on being a journalist when I realized that 1) I had to pay the bills out of college 2) I liked talking to people and asking nosy questions!
 As a media expert, do you think that print will eventually fade or not?
 The important part of the work I do is having conversations with young women about what matters most in their life. We can do that on any platform.
 Is it vital to read a variety of texts, if anyone wishes to become a Journalist?
 If you want to be a good writer, read good authors. Right now I’m obsessed with Ann Friedman! (Click here to view her website.) But my all time favorite book, that taught me about storytelling and voice, is The Bell Jar. (Click here to read our review.)
What do you think about Bloggers influence on the publishing industry?
See below!
Is it important to have ‘dynamic ideas’ on a magazine?
You want to inspire, dazzle and delight your readers. They are smart and they will know if you’re not giving them your very best.
 You’ve created media outlets before-such as Tagmag.com. Do you think that media skills-whether online, or with print software-are important?
The important thing about tagmag.com, the website I created in 1996 (!), is that it was a chance for me to be the master of my own domain. I could write what I wanted to say, publish the people I thought were smart/funny/cool/weird. I got to see how it felt to be the boss when I was just an assistant in my day job. When you’re young and trying to get the world to listen to you, you need a side-hustle, so you can prove to yourself how capable you are.
What made you want to work at The American Lawyer?
When I got out of college, I just wanted a job—any job! But it turned out to be a master class in media and journalism. The American Lawyer was run by the legendary Steve Brill. So I learned how to be a reporter and writer from the best in the business. But he was also such a role model in how to build a multi-platform media business—before that was the thing that everyone was talking about! Steve continues to be an innovator—I’m inspired by his hunger to change the world with journalism.
In the next five years, what do you hope to achieve?
I’m not a fan of making big plans. I find it so much more interesting to follow the opportunities that pop up. You want to go where the adventure is, go where the heat is. I can’t wait to see where my next adventure will take me!
What essentials could we find in your bag, for ‘a day at the office’?
iPhone 6 plus, an engraved leather notebook that was a present from my husband, Pilot Razor Point Pens—I’ve used them since 1994 because my first boss used them—and she inspired such respect in the people around her. I call them my Power Pens
Do you have any advice for anyone who wishes to follow in your footsteps?
Be curious and never stop looking for adventure.
And finally, one random question: Do you prefer lipstick or lipgloss?
I’m using Nars chubby pencils these days!
Thank you very much Ann for answering our questions!