A Letter To The Best Teacher I Ever Had.

* I thought the title may capture attention 🙂 As part of bringing in some vaguely creative pieces to this blog, I had the idea for this post; I had been teased about having a Blog by a teacher, but they were good in that they did not see my learning needs as a hinderance, … Continue reading A Letter To The Best Teacher I Ever Had.

‘They Said I Was A Freak’; a poem to a friend.

Over on several blogs I've seen several Bloggers posting their original poetry. So, here's one I wrote myself-I don't recall doing so-which I thought I should post it. I believe I wrote this whilst thinking about how hard it is to make friends, being a teenager with Aspergers Syndrome; a friend comes to mind when … Continue reading ‘They Said I Was A Freak’; a poem to a friend.

A Letter To My Friend.

I would like to bring more creative pieces to this blog; for this first post, I wrote a letter to a friend. (They won't ever read this blog-they don't know I even have a blog-but for sake of privacy, there's not a lot of personal information. There name has also been omitted.)   Dear A.- … Continue reading A Letter To My Friend.

A letter to Brian May.

Brian May is the Guitarist from Queen (rock band), but is also an author, a campaigner, composer, and a lot more. To be honest, he's my hero. And, as part of bringing in more creative pieces, this seemed like something ideal to write.    Dear Brian.- May I call you 'Bri', just like how you … Continue reading A letter to Brian May.

Washi tape

For today's post, I wanted to write an ode to something I love; washi tape. WASHI TAPE! (Yes, really. Please excuse how odd this post is.) Washi tape makes my planner pretty; I could sit for hours, just decorating it, cutting it up in bits, etc. And it makes me very happy to see a … Continue reading Washi tape