Blogger Box Swap From Neverland!

* First, I owe a MASSIVE apology to Jenny from Jenny In Neverland; this post was meant to go live Friday, as we agreed. A little while ago, I started to post about 'Blogger box swaps' ; where Bloggers get together, decide a budget, and exchange boxes of surprise stuff (having agreed upon a theme.) … Continue reading Blogger Box Swap From Neverland!

50 things that make me happy.

To be Happy is something subjective, but I wanted to count my blessings, and put on a post what makes me happy. Planning! Because it is a comfort, and it is always something that I can fall back on. You can tell I'm an Aspie, can't you? My family. Obviously. Blogging. I never thought that … Continue reading 50 things that make me happy.

50 things I’m grateful for.

Let's change the tune of this blog, if only for a day; lets be grateful! These are fifty things that I am grateful for, and I wish to inspire you to do the same. And these are in no particular order, please note. Being able-bodied. The day I was FINALLY diagnosed as having Aspergers Syndrome. … Continue reading 50 things I’m grateful for.

The Liebster Award 1.

Whew! good morning. You'll probably think that today's post is really self centred, pretentious, but Blog Awards are a great way for Bloggers to connect, hence why I'm writing this for today. I was nominated by Daniella, whose blog you can read by clicking here.  For this post, you have to: Post eleven personal facts Answer … Continue reading The Liebster Award 1.

Mademoiselle goes to a cat cafe | My trip to Lady Dinah’s.

So..yeah. I like Cats, and last week was very lucky to have attended Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium. (This was after seeing a feature in Company Magazine-sadly now folded.) It's a Cat Cafe-and you're served food, with furry faces all around! As a Christmas gift, I was very grateful to have had this experience. For obvious … Continue reading Mademoiselle goes to a cat cafe | My trip to Lady Dinah’s.

Interview; Kerry Ellis, ‘First Lady’ of the West End.

To put it bluntly, who wouldn't want to interview Kerry Ellis? I was lucky enough to ask her about her role in CATS (Click here to book tickets) among other things. This is the official site. Now, you can read what she has to say. Hello Kerry, thank you for agreeing to this interview. When growing … Continue reading Interview; Kerry Ellis, ‘First Lady’ of the West End.