Digital Etiquette is a new book by Victoria Turk, released today. Here is my review. … View Post

[Gifted/AD: I was gifted this book for review, and have previously collaborated with Hodder & Stroughton.] Today sees another one of Jodi Picoult’s novels published in the UK; A Spark Of Light deals with the contentious subject of abortion. Given… View Post

[AD/gifted; I was gifted this book by Canongate, who I previously have collaborated with, in exchange for a review.] When I was growing up, the newspaper that I wanted to work at, more than anything, was The Guardian under Alan… View Post

Do I Make Myself Clear?, by Sir Harold Evans, seems to be a book designed for the wordsmith types. It had also been on my list of books to read. What did I have to loose in reading it? (Although… View Post

Harry’s Last Stand is a book that I originally came across via Twitter; the story of a man, who, at the age of ninety five, decided to tour refugee camps, to try and find a solution, was something that immediately… View Post