Pura Cosmetics Review*; beauty on a budget & ethical standards? Yes please! 

Disclaimer: these samples were sent to me by Pura Cosmetics, at my own request. What follows is my honest opinion. 

Greetings my lovely readers,

Now, what would you say to a brand that has ethical morals, is cute and dinky yet sophisticated, and is deliberately designed to be cheap, so young teen females could afford it with their pocket money? Sounds pretty good to me. I was really excited to receive this PR sample, as it ‘spoke to me’ as a female and blogger.

The product itself:

Now these are beautiful, aren’t they? I received two lip balms-Blissful Bubblegum and Pina Colada-as well as two lip scrubs, Mojito Madness and Prosecco Bubbles (with a hint of strawberry.) I love how dinky these are-instantly cutesy-but a little bit ‘adult’ with their alcohol influence. The balms I really liked for how they made my lips feel; soft and glossy. There was also a lot that could be used, when you just need a small amount. I hadn’t tried a lip scrub prior to this, but I particularly loved Prosecco Bubbles; it instantly made me feel better, brighter. There’s also a lot to use.


Unlike a lot of brands, there’s the brand name on the lids, as well as the flavour, logo and slogan. Instantly recognisable! But there’s also instructions on the side, which was really useful to me-as you could see from my Spongedry review, I do have a bit of a track record for throwing instructions away. The products also coordinate with the brand colour. And what’s not to love about that?


When I received this package, I was so excited, because I knew what was inside, as the sender had left an address. However, the box was rather tied up-in that it was seemingly stuck. It was quite painful to open. However, I loved that there was also pink tissue paper in the box, as well as a business card, flyer, and a personal note. Any brand that takes the time to write a personal note is always going to be in my good books!


I still think that the way these samples arrived left a lot to be desired; they were well protected, but packaging should not have to be something a consumer struggles with. The lip scrubs were also very full that when opened, it did expel itself just a little bit. The week that I started to use these, it was also incredibly hot; the lip balms did melt a little bit, and did leak a little bit in my bag, due to my own stupidity. Always screw the lid on tightly!

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Deliciously Guilt Free; Brownie and Blondie review. *

Disclaimer: this was sent to me, at my request, in exchange for a review. What follows is my honest opinion. 


If there was a parcel that came through the post, you had no idea what it was, but found out it was four miniature Brownies, how excited would you be? (I had forgotten about this sample, and when it was coming, having misinterpreted an email.. As you can imagine, I was firstly surprised, and then excited to try.)

The package was about the size of my hand-just over-with four ‘treats’ inside:

  • Chocolate and Chia Brownie.
  • Salted Caramel and nut Brownie.
  • Chocolate and Walnut Brownie.
  • Browned butter peanut Blondie.

I have fond memories of visiting a New York based Starbucks, and stocking up on a Blondie and Brownie, or alternatively a cookie. Here’s what I thought:


I’m at odds as to what to think about the packaging. I liked that the Brownies and the Blondies were in the box, and all space utilised, but it had been a little bit bashed about in the post. They also came in a plastic bag, meaning that they were seemingly stuck together. I liked how there was no space wasted, but it may well have been to the detriment of the product itself.


Love the name of this one: ‘Deliciously Guilt Free’. Finally a snack without shame attached! (Ever seen a brand that tots its latest product, but has the USP that it could make you increase weight, whether directly or indirectly? I have a problem with this. Anyway, I digress..) I loved the branding. We all want to ‘cut the carbs, not the taste’, right?


Now, the taste I was a little bit conflicted about. The Brownies I received were a little bit stale-I think it was because they had spent too long in the post. (They were dry.) But I enjoyed the Chocolate and Walnut Brownie best of all. It was a perfect snack for a (very) long Netflix session. I wasn’t sure as to the Browned Peanut Butter Blondie, as it made me feel a little bit sick, but that may have been because I ate half the pack in one sitting.

This is a great business, and I feel that we should be supporting it. I rate my package 13/15, as I think that there are some things to be twigged, in order to become a staple snack.

Click here to visit and order from their website.

Revolution Review. *

Disclaimer: this book was sent to me, at my own request, for me to review. What follows constitutes my own opinion. Thank you to Chloe Moss at Carlton Books for sending me this! (I think it also worthwhile to note that I am not a Communist, and do not plan on any revolutionary activities.)

Revolutions are a controversial subject, aren’t they?

There was Mcarthyism, as well as the red scare, meaning that the subject almost could not be publicly addressed. As a form of semi-scaremongering, it was used as an accuse, seemingly. But this book is great for exactly that reason. It ignores the issue of the impact, and analyses whatever Revolution it’s talking about, thus relating it objectively. (For a point of reference, I have yet to finish this book, but I do plan to-eventually.) As somebody who is currently studying history, I find the disdain given to these ideas a little bit illogical, and the fact that they are often taught-as in, passing it down generation to generation-odd, because there is still some contempt. (Rant over, I promise.) But this is why I really admire this book!

Plus, it is beautiful when you pull it out of the casing-almost akin to a newspaper. Just have a look at this:

All the clippings seemingly relate to the contents of the book.

For anyone studying politics, even history, this is such a useful reference guide; virtually any revolution of the last century is covered-some I didn’t even know that existed. (Famous ones are also referred to-Castro and Cuba, for instance.) There’s even photos to illustrate, plus pull out documents-always useful for hands on learning.

My only real feedback is that this book is quite cumbersome; not only for its shape-larger than most books-the depth of details inside means that it is also heavy. (Imagine this at the end of the day: you have all of your textbooks, exercise books, pens, etc. But you have to additionally carry something else; it will get heavy, won’t it?)

Rate: 10/15

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Mix and Fizz Pina Colada Lip Balm Review. 

Ladies, may I ask you something? In all of your handbags, pockets, etc, just how many lip products do you have? I usually have a lot-it fits with my rather messy-yet-organised characteristics. This is one of my new favorite lip balms.
This was a gift at Christmas; I would now describe myself as a compulsive user.


Unlike some other beauty products, this lip balm is rather simplistic by design. For that reason, I quite like it-nothing too complicated, yet direct. All the relevant information is on it-the company who make it, flavour, etc. And there’s no cult personality who sells this! (I dislike this as a marketing technique.)


I must admit, I was a little bit perplexed at first: you don’t get much coverage if you dab lightly. And that doesn’t do much for chapped lips. I suggest that you heavily press, breaking the service, to get more in terms of application. This Balm is also notable, in that in application, it has quite a smooth texture-just a little goes a very long way!

Misc detail:

Just like Vaseline, this is good for cracked skin-and I’ve been using it a lot. Apply it to dry skin, cracked skin, etc; you won’t regret it.

What do you think-would you use this?



Kiss Balm Review. 

Now, I’m probably like a lot of you, in that I quite like a lip balm or two, drifting between various pockets and bags, etc. (Because chapped lips are horrible, am I right, ladies?!) So, it was really nice to receive this lip balm for Christmas.

Kiko is a lovely cosmetics shop, and I love to visit it whenever I go to Nroghton. It sells every product that you could possibly wish for-and a lot of them I don’t know what they do, because I’m lousy in this respect-and at such cheap prices. Because, yeah, what else could anyone want? And it’s such good value for money! I could wrote all day about this brand…


Obviously, from the paragraph above you can tell I’m really happy with Kiko as a brand. But the casing? Well, it’s very different to what other balms are on the market-a sort of plastic, metal, almost feel. (Did I put too many commas in that sentence? Probably!) It also quite clearly states the shade, what product it is, and the overarching brand. I also really like the font and colour-points for originality again.

Just as a point, though: be careful if you drop this balm, and are looking for it. If you step on the product, it seems a little fragile in terms of casing, and would probably break into pieces.

The product itself:

Welll…I have a lot to say about this, but will try and be as succinct as possible. Because, after all, there’s no point in rambling on and being boring.

The texture of the balm is incredibly creamy-which is why it’s more like a lipstick than a lip balm. However, a little goes a long way..But, then again, to leave lip marks from application is a bit gross. To combat this, I recommend using a tissue to wipe it. And don’t rub your lips together too much-it has a tendency to go all over your face.

It’s also not really Blackberry in hue. It’s more sort of strawberry…. the smell can be quite nice, but in small quantities also.

What do you think? Have you ever tried Kiss Balms?



Review: Palmistry, a book about the occult. *

(Disclaimer: Thank you Plexus books for sending me this, at my own request. What is detailed in this post is my opinion.)

Since I started reading Gala Darling’s blog, way back in 2012, I’ve been sort of vaguely interested in the occult. I have dabbled in it myself. I’ve read about it instead. (Ever come across witches in a Jodi Picoult novel?) I was delighted to recieve this in the post; its been sitting round my bag since.

This is a Victorian volume that’s almost a reprint-the text as I understand it is the same (Don’t quote me on that!), but it’s under a different cover.

I think it’d be an interesting subject, if the language was changed; it was written in a mysterious tone that I really did not understand. Therefore, I could not apply that to the diagrams that illustrate the book throughout. I certain haven’t become a palm reader.

I feel that this has therefore been a very biased, negative review.

I’d have liked to have understood this book, and immersed myself in a subject of interest. I still think you should buy it-not just on my bad review. 

Maybe you could report back, let me know what it’s about?

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