*You can buy the keyboard mentioned in this post here.*  I’ve been thinking a lot lately-about being on spectrum, and the impact of technology. There’s a sort of correlation, even a relationship between the two.… View Post

Everything is to do with the eyes. And that’s not just me writing on a personal note. There’s the saying “The eyes are the windows to the soul”. Derren Brown had a wonderful segment in… View Post

Note: this post is designed not to cause offence. It is designed to document my Aspergers in that I sometimes find social situations difficult.  One of the main problems I found with being on spectrum… View Post

Over this year, I have collated a list; ranging from the ridiculous, to the insincere, and sometimes nasty, a lot has been said when I have said “I have Aspergers”. (And I also collected things… View Post

As someone with Aspergers Syndrome, I often find it hard to know what someone thinks, let alone feels. This can often making buying a gift harder. Anyway: I had a think, and this post came… View Post