Everything is to do with the eyes. And that’s not just me writing on a personal note. There’s the saying “The eyes are the windows to the soul”. Derren Brown had a wonderful segment in… View Post

Note: this post is designed not to cause offence. It is designed to document my Aspergers in that I sometimes find social situations difficult.  One of the main problems I found with being on spectrum… View Post

Over this year, I have collated a list; ranging from the ridiculous, to the insincere, and sometimes nasty, a lot has been said when I have said “I have Aspergers”. (And I also collected things… View Post

As someone with Aspergers Syndrome, I often find it hard to know what someone thinks, let alone feels. This can often making buying a gift harder. Anyway: I had a think, and this post came… View Post

* For this post, I’m going to talk you through one of my greatest fears as somebody with Aspergers Syndrome. Shopping. Shopping… SHOPPING! Sorry. (Because, yeah, it looks as if I’m shouting.) But shopping; personally… View Post