Headphones; leave me in peace!

Can I make a confession? Virtually everywhere I go, I wear my headphones, particularly if in transit, like on a train or walking. (And I do get frowned at; it's not exactly advisable in terms of road safety, but  I just leave it on shuffle, so I can be 'car aware'.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srDu2JtqGXk You see, this … Continue reading Headphones; leave me in peace!

I just don’t get social media.

Hello! Despite me having been a Blogger for five years now, there's just one element of the whole field that I just do not get; social media. The politics of social media; now, here is what I just cannot understand. And that's the funny thing, being a Blogger! But communication is the problem, and being … Continue reading I just don’t get social media.