Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to visit, and tour parts of Windsor Castle- but, as I didn’t take any photos, ok thought I’d do “Windsor by numbers” : 1 castle,… View Post

I love Company magazine. I really do. Last night, I was lucky enough to attend there annual blog ceremony (no, I wasn’t nominated for an award). Here are all my… View Post

So, last weekend, I went to the lovely town of Canterbury. The town has some historic significance- it is where Thomas Beckett is held as a saint, for his accidental… View Post

So, how do I introduce these amazing two young women? The Vagenda is an online magazine, which, in all honesty, is one of the greatest succes stories in publishing. The… View Post

It’s time to meet the (relatively) new columnist for GLAMOUR, as well as TV presenter, ┬áJournalist, and Novelist Dawn O’porter; writer of “Paper Areoplanes”, and “The Booby trap”, as well… View Post