If you’re a Blogger, or even a trainee journalist like myself, Jenna Farmer is… well, a useful contact to have. She is also one of the nicest Bloggers that I have interacted with. She blogs at… View Post

The more I train as a journalist, the more I seemingly become aware of ‘pet peeves’; we’re not seen as being ‘nice’-the name attached to us is commonly “Scum” or “Vultures”. But, in a tongue… View Post

Update: I have amended the last paragraph since publication. At the end of the month, nearly, I will be nineteen. (And, to be honest, I am slightly freaking out. Next year I will be twenty!… View Post

In my notebook, I have a three word observation: “Culture of interruption”. This was after I had gone to an Opticians, wishing for my ill-fitting glasses to be adjusted. They had been causing me pain,… View Post

Update: where it says films, the film “I, Tonya” should also be added.  February was a bit of a difficult month for me. I had been sick for a long time-due to the numerous bugs… View Post