Do you remember reading Mizz, the nineties-esque teen magazine, that advised teen girls on virtually every aspect of their life, on a fortnightly basis? I do. But I digress: I… View Post

(Disclaimer: Elliott And Thompson sent me this,to review, at my own request. What follows is my full, honest, uncensored opinion about the book.) I love any sort of Third Reich… View Post

A few years ago, this blog had a complete re-brand; it was promptly renamed Mademoiselle, after two people. They were Sylvia Plath-and the magazine that she had an internship at,… View Post

Honestly? This was the most searing book I’ve probably read in a while-up with The Bell Jar, The Book Thief.. I still find myself unable to explain what it’s about-in the… View Post

Rowan. Coleman. I do love her books-the easily understandable books, dealing with intense issues such as Cystic Fibrosis. They’re emotionally tense, with utterly relateable characters. For any bookworm, what more… View Post