*Thanks Elliot and Thompson for sending me this. I officially got started in to History, at the age of six, with a lesson about The Second World War. I still read a lot about… View Post

A while ago-in the run up to Christmas-I reviewed the new(ish) book Conversations With McCartney, by Paul Du Noyer. (Click here to read) But, what does he think, past the book? Hello Paul, thank you… View Post

If you’ve been reading this blog, or like what may be classed as ‘folk rock’, you’ll probably be aware of Lissie: a thirty-something singer from the US, who has just released her latest album, ‘My… View Post

I adore Lissie-just to finally have a female artist, singing Folk Rock songs, that she writes herself, complete with a husky voice. (This has been since the Back To Forever days-dancing around to Cold Fish or even Shameless.) With regard… View Post

So, on Christmas Eve, there was a competition I saw on Facebook from a Twitter link.. Write a review of Imagine (see my blog review here) for originality.Both winners-myself and a lovely guy, called Andrew,… View Post