Planning is something that’s important to me;”What’s in my filofax?” was a post voted for over on Instagram, and that is what I am going to talk to you about today. I was given a… View Post

I am a huge fan of Lissie. Enough so that I reviewed two of her albums (Live at union chapel and My Wild West), two of her concerts (at Manchester and in Brighton), and interviewed her. Therefore, I was… View Post

Yesterday, I was in London for two events, both held by Hacked Off, related to Leveson 2. As this blog is a way for me to document ‘journalism training’-and because these events involved journalism, it… View Post

Whilst waiting for the train to get to my final Law Class, I was in a reflective mood. (It was cold, snowy, and my train was over half an hour late.) Anyway, I was in… View Post

I’ve been asked this question, and I thought it could make a semi-decent blog post; “From your perspective as an Autistic people, what would you like to change?” lead to a conversation about pet peeves.… View Post