This blog is my little space on the internet; it is to document my Aspergers Syndrome, and to write about my Autism from a creative stand point. I wish to show that Autism is not something to be scared of; rather, the traits of the Spectrum should be embraced, as they can easily be an asset if utilised properly. You can see my day’s out, essays, and more.

However, I am not writing to influence. Anything that you undertake having read any Autism-related material is your own responsibility, and I cannot be blamed for any action or reaction incurred as a result.

The reviews that I post are largely as a result of having pitched to the brand in question for a collaboration; they gift me a product in exchange for a review. However, I also do get gifted products at various events-not all blog related. These posts are all marked by an asterisk (*), and contain a no-follow link; it is an offence in the UK not to disclose what I’ve been gifted, and because I wish to be as honest as possible on this blog, I will be disclosing what I receive.

Finally: the reviews are again written through the lens of my Autism. They are written to inform-as to whether they can be used as an aide, or just in general-but are again not written to influence. Again, any action or reaction incurred is your own responsibility; I cannot be held to fault, and cannot be held responsible.