Disclaimer: this post contains PR samples. All that I have been gifted was at my own request, and my opinions are my own.  
“What do you get a journalist for Christmas?” is something that I have been musing about this week; largely because I get to hang round a lot of them, but also because I am one myself. (Sort of.) Anyway: as part of my Christmas content, I thought I would put together a gift guide for all you ‘journo’ people!
Reporter’s notebook. *

I was gifted this from Pocket Notebooks; needless to say, it’ll come to such good use. In nearly three months, I have used two of these-because after all, I practice shorthand daily. If you know a Journalist who practices Shorthand, these notebooks are ideal! (And I love the retro feel of this.) See it, and buy it, here.
A book about the industry. 
A biography is something that I love to sink my teeth into. I also love thriller’s with a journalist at the centre. (Has anyone read anything by Fiona Barton? Her novels are immense!) My personal ‘journo’ hero is Harold Evans-the editor who helped expose the Thalidomide scandal. This man lead an amazing life! You can see all his books here. Another great journalist is Lesley Ann Jones; click here to find out more about her book. 
A fancy pen. *
For me, the novelty of a new pen doesn’t wear off; I also accumulate a collection of pens, wherever I go. The Pen Company gifted me this fancy pen:

It’s shiny, blue, and makes my handwriting look, well, legible. For once. You can also personalise the pen-the colour, type, with engraving, etc. Plus: the differing ink colours has a lot of variation. The pen you create is therefore all your own. Click here to see it. 
A T-shirt.
Okay, so this is slightly ocular.. A quick search of Amazon reveals some quirky t-shirts. To the average layperson, what is a journalist? ‘A fact finding Ninja’ according to this shirt. Or: if you wish to save a journalist, this shirt has the ideal solution.
Energy. *

Because some of us work hard, you know! Brain Fud is a brand that was founded by a man called Philip, who struggled with chronic fatigue due to sickle cell. (This is under ‘Our story’ on the website.) So, these are drinks are designed to do exactly that-and I will be reviewing them in a full post in the new year. Click here to buy. They also have a blog, and are regularly looking for writers.


Disclaimer: this post contains PR samples; what follows constitutes my own opinion. The prices in this vary to fit various budgets.

Continuing on with my gift guide/stocking fillers series…

I recently wrote a gift guide as to what to maybe buy Autistic people for Christmas; the suggestions were fairly cheap suggestions as to what to buy people with Aspergers for Christmas. This post is about stocking fillers! And a lot of suggestions are food-centred.
Once again, products have been tested for hypersensitivity issues, practicality, and their function.
Chewing gum:

A little while ago, I mentioned Chewsy in my food guide (see it here.) For the dinky size of these boxes, and the lovely taste, I think that these would make a brilliant stocking filler. Plus, it doesn’t have aspartame, and other sweetners. See here to purchase it. 

Again, I recently wrote about this backpack-as well as what’s inside. Yourdesign allows you to design this fashion backpack to an extent-and at a fairly cheap price, too! I really like this backpack, as it’s light, smooth-suitable for my sensory issues-and carries all my course books. Brilliant!
Ginger beer:

This was a product discussed in my recent food guide (see it here). One or two of these in a stocking would be wonderful (click here to buy), or even rose lemonade! (See my review here.) These bottles are perfect for just one glass, but there are also various flavours available. They don’t make my insides feel funny, and the retro packaging is awesome.
Hand Sanitisers: 

Remember my “Mad Beauty haul”? Well, these were one of my favourite things from Mad Beauty! These hand sanitizers (see here to buy) are small, compact, and fit well with my sensory issues-as they don’t inflame my sensory issues, and also do not dry out my hands. They keep my hands clean. Plus they have pugs! What’s not to love?
Ugly Drinks:

Ugly Drinks were a brand that collaborated with me on my food guide earlier this year (click here to view.) These are ideal for a stocking! With a great ethos, awesome design, great taste, it must be #theuglytruth that these go well in a stocking. See the online shop here. 

Hippeas Puffs are my new favourite snack! I reviewed them recently, but they were again a brand that collaborated with me on my food guide (see it here.) They are chickpea puffs-very similar to crisps-that make for a healthy snack. As to sensory issues, the flavours are not too overpowering. These are perfect for a stocking! Buy them here. 

Mmmmm… because who doesn’t love chocolate?! Super Treats is a brand that doesn’t use refined sugar and caffeine in its products. They also taste good. That’s a winner in my book. To see the ingredients list for the above flavours, and to buy them, click here. To see stockists, click here. 

Again, this, by The Pen Company, is a great communicative tool for people on spectrum. It also has an element of novelty in its personalisation to it. My pen (buy here) goes with my Filofax, and has my name on it. The ink is really cute and dinky. It would be great for a stocking.

Pocket notebooks have got you sorted this year! The above photo shows the wrapping of what the notebooks I was gifted arrived in-so, that’s your job already done! A notebook is a great tool to encourage communication-and Pocket Notebooks has a variety of them. The Reporter’s Notebook is really useful to me at the moment, whereas the A6 Rhodia notebook is suitable for any handbag. I worked with Pocket Notebooks earlier this year (see the post here.)
Brain Fud:

Brain Fud is brand that has published one of my pieces, which I consider to be incredibly generous. They also sent me some samples to try out. These bottles  are what you could describe as an ‘alternative’ energy drink, with no added sugar. I’m unwell as I write this, so will update you on the taste soon. But they are small enough for a stocking, and there’s great packaging. Click here to buy. 

Lydia XO


Disclaimer: the items in this post were gifted to me at my own request, for the purpose of review. What follows is my honest opinion. Pricing also varies in these guides, as a way to to match varying budgets. 
“What do you get someone with Aspergers?” is.. well, a hard question to answer. As a spectrum condition, everyone who has Aspergers is different, and their traits are different in some respects. Therefore, I have collaborated with various brands for today’s post; this is a Christmas gift guide, with the products tested for sensory issues, flavour, practicality, and function.

Pocket notebooks is an awesome brand , and I am lucky enough to have worked with them before. (They gifted me the above notebooks.) The Reporter’s Notebook (with ‘WRITE’ across the front), I currently find the most useful, as a Journalism student. (Buy it here.) The orange notebook, however, is my favourite, as the cover is smooth-not to set off my hypersensitivity issues-and is compact enough for my bag, as it’s so small. (Want it? There’s so many colours! See it here.) 
A novelty pen. 

The Pen Company is one of my new favourite brands-because a company dedicated largely to pens is always going to get my vote of confidence. #aspiringjourno I think that a pen is a really useful tool-and as an Autistic female, it helps me communicate more, and express myself more. The Pen Company sell this pen, which you can have personalised. Oh, and this ink is cute, too!

I’m not the fashionable type. But I have a lot of stuff to carry to my lectures. In comes Yourdesign!  This Fashion Backpack is light in design, and again can be personalised. It also is very roomy. Oh, and you blend in as well! (See it here.) Want to see what I keep in my bag? See this post. Want a fuller review? See it here. 

Anna is a jewellery maker, and, quite frankly, her designs are beautiful. Her website offers a wide variety of options; the personalised silver necklace is a particular favourite of mine. Delicate, as well as personal to me, it does not kickstart my hypersensitivity issues. (For example, with some necklaces, the chains feel lie they clip my neck, or it can itch-enough for my skin to become inflamed.) This necklace is wonderful in that respect. You can see it here. 
Hot Water Bottle. 

Hot Water Bottle Shop gifted me this wonderful heatable bottle, and, so far, it has been wonderful. This you just pop into the microwave for ninety seconds-you don’t even have to put water in it-and then, it stays warm for ages! This is used as a stress relief mechanism, as well as for sleeping problems. The lavender smell of this bottle, and the heat, has been really effective for me. To buy from their pain and ache relief products, click here. To buy from their stress relief and sleeping problems collection, click here. 

I’ll be continuing this series of gift guides-along with stocking fillers-later on. There’ll be more brands to choose from! Happy Christmas,

Disclaimer: at my own request, I was allowed to design this backpack, and keep it, in exchange for a review. What follows is my own opinion. 


When looking for a new bag, I came across Yourdesign, a company that allows you to have a certain amount of creative freedom in designing products. Typically when I go for a bag, it’ll be boxy, and carried from the crook of my arm; with the amount of textbooks I have, I did develop back pain at points. Therefore, I was delighted to be gifted this backpack.


At first it was a little bit tricky to design on my phone, so I switched to a laptop; much better! It was so simple to click through, order… I did have to change the colour, as Purple was out of stock, however I’m very pleased that I did! As you can see, I had an Amy MacDonald lyric printed on it, as it’s a line I’ll take everywhere with me.

Packaging and delivery: 

I was really impressed with the packaging and delivery; it came uber quickly, and it was tightly wrapped in plastic, meaning that not a lot of material was wasted to transport the backpack.

The product itself: 

Once on, it’s so light you can barely feel it; at points I do forget about the backpack when carrying it. It also has enough room for textbooks, notebooks, magazines… Perfect! If you’re a student, then this is the perfect backpack for you; it’ll most likely save you from back pain, as it did for me, and it makes for an easy solution to carrying things round.
My only really qualm is that its does leave you a bit ‘open’; it wouldn’t take a lot for someone to unzip the bag, and take one of your possessions.. Maybe, for a little bit extra, there could be an inside compartment for things like money or a house key? However, it is also remedied by a clip in key ring.
Yourdesign: you now have a customer! (I.E: me.) As an autistic individual, I LOVE the fabric-as it does not rub, meaning it is therefore perfect for sensory needs-and is a non-fussy way to keep me organised. You’re brilliant.

Click here to personalise and buy your own backpack. 

Untitled design

Disclaimer: I was sent the PR samples in this post, in exchange for a review, and to also feature in a Christmas gift guide, coming next month. What follows constitutes my honest review. 


I think that I have discovered one of my favourite websites; Mad Beauty. It’s a website stuffed to the brim with excellent products-so for this post, it seemed ideal to show you all my ‘haul’.
Mini mouse hair set. (Red and black package at the back, and facemask from the front of the photo.) 
The face mask I’m currently saving; you know when you just wish to save something for a treat, as not to spoil it, but to spoil yourself? That. Click here to buy it. The hair set I really like, as the idea is to keep your hair away from your face (instead of a hairband), when undergoing beauty treatment-like getting your eyebrows plucked, or using a facemask. But it has the mini mouse ears! It’s perfect for someone who is Disney obsessed, and who uses beauty products a lot. I also really like it as it does not tug my hair or face, and is quite comfy to wear. (A victory for sensory needs, my fellow Aspies!) Click here to purchase. 
The handy set. (Right at the back, in blue.)
Included in this was: a hand warmer, a hand sanitiser, and a tube of hand cream. At times when I am trying to sleep, I occasionally suffer from pain in my legs, sometimes if I’ve pushed myself too far; the hand warmer is ideal for this! It’s small, light, and can easily be slipped into a handbag. The hand sanitiser smells wonderful. (In researching this post, I came across a ‘hack’; it’ll make your shoes shiny!) The hand cream is on my bedside table for night time. Click here to buy. 
Winnie the Pooh spray.
What a wonderful gift this would make! It’s also quite large, and filled right to the brim; I think my Mum may be getting this as part of her Christmas present… (she doesn’t read this blog, I don’t think, so I’m allowed to put in the hint..) I also ADORE the scent of it. Click here to buy. 
Pug case.
When you’re going somewhere, this is ideal to keep all sorts of odds and ends in: hair bands, hair clips, pens, chewing gum, post it notes… I also like the fabric it is made of. Click here to buy. 
Three pug hand sanitisers. 
This is probably my new favourite thing that I have come across; the pug hand sanitiser! It has a spray mechanism-unlike a lot of high street brands-meaning the it doesn’t just glob out, and therefore similarly also does not dry out your hands. It has a pleasant smell, doesn’t itch, and all in all, is a brilliant product. Click here to buy. 
For Autistic people such as myself, I think that this brand is brilliant; all of the products have meet my sensory needs in their functionality, and all in all is bright, relatively cheap, cheerful, etc. This is an ideal brand.
Untitled design