(Thank you Sandra for sending me this.) Oh, Audrey Hepburn… I was sent this book recently, and read it in about twenty minutes. (Yes, really; please do not follow this example.) Apart from that, we’re… View Post

(Thank you very much for Carlton books for sending me this.) I was reading this somewhat ironically the other day-a little book, informed by books of a few hundred years ago (more on that in… View Post

  (N.B A little while ago, I was very fortunate enough to review Katarina’s first novel. (Click here to view if you didn’t see it.) This is her follow-up, which she asked me to review..)… View Post

Where do I even begin?! I’m a recent convert to Lissie’s music-the bluesy, folkish rock singer, who writes her songs. (She had me at ‘I stole your magazines/the one with the beauty queens/on the front/I… View Post

(Thanks to Carlton books for sending me this!) Queen fans, gather round; here’s the perfect Christmas gift for you/partner/offspring-particularly if a Guitar player, or a fan of Brian May. (Simon Bradley was a co-writer, and… View Post