I recently finished my NCTJ journalism qualification, and I was in a “treat yourself” mood. After nearly a year in training, it was time to get organised. (Here comes the job search, the freelance pitches!) And so I found myself… View Post

  As I’ve done previously, I’ve shared a few posts, relating to my Filofax, how I plan, and what is inside. As I write this, it’s the last day of February, and my planner has already become well and truly… View Post

Photos. Photos. Photos. Uggghhhh. I really dislike having my photo taken. And as a warning, this post was written as a ‘rant’-although I’m trying to be logical and balanced. That’s a possible fail. Anyway, back to the topic; I dislike… View Post

Disclaimer: This post is entirely subjective to my own opinions, and own hallmarks of the spectrum of ASD. I do not claim to be a Doctor or medical professional. Rather, this post is just my opinion, not intended as a… View Post

Disclaimer: I am merely a student blogger on the internet, without any medical qualifications. I do not intend to blog in any advisory manner, so whatever you do after reading these posts are at your own risk. I cannot take… View Post