A little while ago I joined in with a #TeacupClub chat on Twitter; Envy Fisher tweeted about wishing to start a shop that sold stationery for Charity. Since then, she has set it up, which really impressed me. Click here to see her shop.  Meanwhile, I spoke to Envy about Blogging For Business. And if you’d like to know more about how her shop was set up, click here. 
Firstly, how were you introduced to the concept of blogging?

A high school friend of mine casually said I should start a blog one day. It was a weird, whispered remark in the middle of English class, right after I’d secretly passed her a piece of my writing on a scrap of paper.
What made you wish to start blogging?
Shortly after my friend made that remark, I noticed I needed some kind of outlet. I had loads of things on my mind and no one to talk to. I had the kind of friends who’d say ‘do we really have to talk about that?’ or simply ‘shut up’ when I started about things I was passionate about. The blog remark sat there at the back of my mind, until one day I decided to give it a shot and see if it’d help me feel less isolated.
Could you tell us a little bit more about Lost In Translation?
I relaunched Lost in Translation in March of this year. I’d already been blogging for four years, first on a blog called Picking up the Pieces, which was like my online diary, later on what I now call the prototype of Lost in Translation. I was a bit lost, had too many options to choose from and no idea in which direction I should take my blog, when my blog was suddenly shut down. I built it up again and focused on a few of my favorite topics: travel, street art and all things geeky. Now I post every Monday and Thursday on one of those topics with a little lifestyle in the mix every now and then.
What do you think about blogging for business?
I used to think that blogging for business was something unobtainable, that you needed thousands and thousands of followers to even get a chance to start some kind of business. It was my ultimate goal though. As long as you sell a product or service you can 100% support I see blogging for business as the best thing that could happen to a blogger.
Could you tell us a little bit about your current business venture?
I set up a shop on my own blog the other day, right here. I sell stationery: envelopes and notebooks with a wanderlust theme. I use as many recycled materials as possible: paper that would’ve been thrown away otherwise, scraps of thread for the binding, recycled covers. I use atlases people throw away for envelopes and try to waste as little as possible.
Why did you decide specifically to focus on notebooks?
I’ve had an addiction to notebooks since I was about six years old. I always buy more than I need and they’re always the first thing I look for when I found myself in a store that sells stationery. It’s been a lifelong dream to design my own line of notebooks. I could have waited ages and hoped for a miracle, but I decided to just take the plunge and work on designs with the materials I already had on hand.
PicMonkey Collage london
How will this be of a benefit in terms of charity?
I’ve always wanted to raise money to preserve wildlife and help protect the environment. As I was making plans for my shop, I was quite aware of the fact that I didn’t really need the money. I enjoy making stationery, but I wanted this to benefit more than just me and my wallet. That’s why I decided to donate €0,50 of every purchased item to the WWF, so they can keep up the good work in protecting endangered species.
Do you have any advice for fellow blogger?
If you want to change the blogosphere, go for it. I know it’s scary and it’s a big world out there, but you’ll be surprised to see how much an impact every single one of us can have once we give it our all!

Bloggers Ball was an incredible event for me; to have won tickets as part of a giveaway, then to attend a networking event for Bloggers…Sign me up! I posted about the event a little while ago, but I thought that I would share a few lessons learnt (what to ‘takeaway’) from the event, if you attend such an event.
Make friends with the security guard/bouncer on the door; they are the best, and are humans to.
If you don’t know what to do, or haven’t been to such an event, do ask as to what to do. Scarlett who organised the whole thing was excellent at briefly explaining what we could do.
Wear comfortable shoes. Because you will spend a lot of time on your feet.
Eat before you go. There were several bloggers that day who said that they hadn’t eaten in X amount of hours, and were therefore hungry.. Eat before you go. It’s good to feel good about yourself.
Chat to the brands.
Edit photos to hide the terrible lighting, as well as well your phone shook. (Not that alcohol had anything to do with it!) Carrying on on that note: glitter lips do not go with beverages of any sort. Get them done later.
Write small. Brands require your email. In a tiny box.
Wear what you are comfortable in. And will remain comfortable in. A leather jacket is not a good look whilst sweaty.
If Bloggers tweet that they are going, make a note of who they are, and what they are wearing. In some respects I do regret that I did not do this, instead tweeting a semi-hideous selfie that should never walk this Earth. We could have been friends!
Take a small bag, as there is small amounts of space.
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Well, yes, today is the relaunch of this blog! As you can see, Mademoiselle Women has been updated, complete with new fonts, content, etc. But just why?
You see, this site hasn’t had an ‘identity’ for a while; just what is ‘Mademoiselle women’? I have incredibly limited views, and not much of a presence. Plus, I was just writing anything-literally anything-that came into my head. There’s not much originality in that, which is counterproductive to the point of me beginning this blog.
So, yes, here we are. ‘Mademoiselle Women’ is a phrase that embodies the glamorous, literary woman I would love to be; they have substance as well as style, they enjoy style for the sake of it, can hold their own in a conversation, and ‘own’ the details of their dress as well as their mind. They are ambitious, but are also kind.
I also have Aspergers Syndrome. And it does have a role to play in my life. It was a relative who gave me the idea-“I’m surprised you don’t have an Aspergers blog” is what they said-so, in relating it to the name, that’s the slant that’ll be in these posts. I’ll still be posting about books, beauty, concert reviews, interviews… But there’ll be more of this. To the end of this year, I will also be posting daily.
Don’t forget: check out my Twitter page, as there’s a new giveaway today!
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You know that awesome feeling you get from an email that says you’ve won a competition?  Well, I entered a retweet competition on Twitter to win a pair of tickets to Bloggers Ball. SO EXCITED!
This event-and many others-is run by Scarlett Dixon of Scarlettlondon.com. (click here to view.)  These blog events create such a buzz-and just about everyone on social media was talking about it. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait.


Birds eye view of the event!

Prior to this, I had been to one blogging networking event: the Company magazine blogger awards. (Click here to view.)   But that wasn’t really a proper event, as I didn’t make use of it, and wasn’t involved; I just went as it looked glitzy, glamourous. This event was of more use, as I’m taking my blog a bit more seriously; I plan to work with brands, and would love to turn it into a business.
I went with my friend Amy; she’s what you would classify as a ‘newbie blogger’, so if you could show her blog (click here to view) some love, that would be awesome. So, this event I thought could have been of use to us both-and as my ‘plus one’, she was brilliant. For instance, navigating us there!

Look at that pile of goodie bags!

When we arrived, we were met by a very ‘chipper’ bouncer; he was so nice to us, funny as well. Just what was needed in the sweltering heat…it made us smile!
We met Scarlett, who looked incredible in a blue jumpsuit; she was kind enough to explain what to do, how to do, at this event. A bar was in the middle of the room, but round the outside of the room were brand stalls; they had products to show, with some samples to try, and would be open to collaborations.
One of my favourite stalls was Candy Kittens; the delicious cat shaped sweets! They come in different flavours that were just so… lovely. So tender to eat. They have a new Vegan flavour, with some for us to try. (This is a brand I would love to collaborate with.)
I also had some glitter lips put in place, as part of a brand stall that was there. Just a bit hard to drink with a cocktail!
Everyone was just so lovely; we got to talk to virtually all the brands, enter giveaways, and pitch collaborations. Watch this space! (I’m so excited for what could come from this, I cannot tell you!
Everything was so pretty, and everyone was so nice to us; you made me feel a part of the blogging scene!

Have you ever been to a Blogging event? If so, what did you think?

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To find out more about Scarlett London events, click here. 

Good morning!

A little while ago I collaborated with Abbie from Abbie Chic on a pen paling project; we decided to do a Blogger Box Swap. (You can see my post here. And to see Abbie’s post, click here.) 
For a little while now, I have wished to set up a pen paling initiative, as I think to get letters through your letterbox is something of a dying art; it’s hardly done any more, and if you do receive something, it’s probably a bill or a junk flyer. (As a teenager with Aspergers, I would love to come home from school to letters, or the rare parcel, because they made me feel a lot less lonely..) I’ve teamed up with Natalie from Gorgeous and Geeky (click here to see her blog.) for this box swap; here is what she sent me:
We had agreed on the theme of summer-because after all, what could possibly be more than relevant than at the moment?!-meaning that there was a lot of pretty colours that were in the box. There was a wealth of stuff!
There was a net-because of course-a bath bomb, stickers, a lipstick, a wash bag (fab for a holiday!), a body scrub..
I love the shade of the lipstick in the parcel; the teeny tiny notebook will now sit on my bedside table. (I’m a habitual late night jotter! It’s a way to keep ideas together at the last moment..)
Because why not?!
I was also really chuffed to receive this; Scrub Love is a brand that I keep reading about on various blogs, etc-so I’d love to give this a try!
This was an immense blog box, and I’m very grateful to Natalie for sending me what she did.
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P.S This was also inspired by Abbey Louisa’s blog; you can see her post here.