Well, yes, today is the relaunch of this blog! As you can see, Mademoiselle Women has been updated, complete with new fonts, content, etc. But just why?
You see, this site hasn’t had an ‘identity’ for a while; just what is ‘Mademoiselle women’? I have incredibly limited views, and not much of a presence. Plus, I was just writing anything-literally anything-that came into my head. There’s not much originality in that, which is counterproductive to the point of me beginning this blog.
So, yes, here we are. ‘Mademoiselle Women’ is a phrase that embodies the glamorous, literary woman I would love to be; they have substance as well as style, they enjoy style for the sake of it, can hold their own in a conversation, and ‘own’ the details of their dress as well as their mind. They are ambitious, but are also kind.
I also have Aspergers Syndrome. And it does have a role to play in my life. It was a relative who gave me the idea-“I’m surprised you don’t have an Aspergers blog” is what they said-so, in relating it to the name, that’s the slant that’ll be in these posts. I’ll still be posting about books, beauty, concert reviews, interviews… But there’ll be more of this. To the end of this year, I will also be posting daily.
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