January was… well, a busy month. But is was also ‘blue’, being the start of the year, it was raining a lot of the time, and everything seemed… blah. So: for this months round up…

Pieces published: 

I finally started to make headway with bylines! (At long last.) This was good in the sense that I was worrying about having enough pieces for my assessed portfolio. Anyway: I had two album reviews published by BN1, a column for the Mid Sussex Times, a guest post for Autistic UK, and several for The Growing Up Guide.

Books read: 

I read Untold by Peter Jukes and Alistair Morgan, My Paperchase by Sir Harold Evans, and (as I’m writing this), I’m finishing Brain On Fire. I enjoyed My Paperchase the best-and I think it should be made into a Netflix boxset For the 100 books in a year challenge, I’m further behind then I wished to be, but I haven’t been as interested in reading as normal.


I went to the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, in order to review an exhibit with my class. As I write this, I’ll also be going to the press viewing of War Horse in Brighton.


The issue with my glassed has finally been sorted out! And I am so excited, because when I get the new frames, I’ll be able to see, and without the pain caused by being-fitted.


I saw more films than usual at the cinema; my favourite was The Post. (Because: journalists + scandal + American politics = brilliant.) I was not a fan of The Greatest Showman (bit too overdone, and too many songs). I was not sure what to think about All The Money In The World; I think it suffered from having to be re-shot.

How was your January?

Lydia XO


Well, well, it seems like this year has gone really quickly, doesn’t it? It seems only a little while ago that the internet was ruminating about the latest famous person who passed away.
2017 had a lot of up and downs for me; college (both), finishing my A levels (up), started my NCTJ (DEFINITELY up) and more. along the way-although some of the posts were deleted-I blogged daily. I also began to work with more brands.
I relaunched my blog on the 1st of August, and celebrated my fifth blog birthday on the 17th July; this was something that took a lot of time and effort. (As well as researching how to go self hosted-which I decided against in the end, largely due to financial reasons.)
Interviews took on a new level; I launched ‘Blogging for business’-to ask some Bloggers some questions. Nicole from A Beautiful was my first candidate. It petered out a little bit in the end, but I think I may pick it up in the new year. I also started to work with Bloggers more-such as with guest posts, and Blogger box swaps. These activities took a bit of time and energy, but where both largely worthwhile in the end.
I also created my new niche-to blog about Aspergers. Because spreading a little more knowledge is important to me. I also wrote a little bit about how I disagree with the lack of empathy stereotype, and much more.
Similarly, I also started my journalism diploma on a part time basis; this was after a scary panel interview-with the world’s worst cold!-at the Financial times. I finally have found my home, and I love. So, I started to blog about it-and it has it’s own tab on the blog. For an introduction, click here. 
I also started to go to events that are in line with my work. I got to go to the Blogger’s Ball-thanks to a Twitter draw!-and also to the book launch of The Summer Of Impossible Things. (Such a good book!) I also got to see Diana: Her Fashion Story, as a treat for finishing my A Levels.
This year took a lot, in terms of planning, writing, scheduling; blogging daily was quite the challenge. This had to be balanced with education-such as with exams and changes-as well as with my personal life. But I think I managed it, just about, with the organisational obsession that comes with my Aspergers.
Over this festive period, I’ll be slowing down with this blog-and will post in the new year when I feel like.

Until then,

Lydia XO

*This post was inspired by this post that Jenny at Jenny In Neverland recently wrote. 
Christmas, to borrow a film quote, is “a time to be thankful”, a time to be “grateful”; I completely agree. Therefore, from my perspective as a female with Aspergers, I thought that I would share with you nine things that I’m grateful for this Christmas-and over the course of this year.

Being a JDF Recipent.

The Journalism Diversity Fund is a bursary fund that allows people to do an NCTJ (National Council For The Training Of Journalists) diploma qualification. I had initially been reluctant to apply-after all, Aspergers is not diverse! Diversity is based on ethnicity. That was my line of thinking. But I was wrong. And I am grateful that this bursary has allowed me to do this course.


My first love in life is books-and is often my favourite activity, particularly if I feel overwhelmed due to sensory complaints. The authors behind these articles are the people who interest me most of all-and the often have a very interesting life, and therefore story, to tell. And some have allowed me to interview them! I’d like to single out Rowan Coleman and Helen Callaghan. 

My cat and dog.

It sounds really silly, doesn’t it? My cat, as I wrote a while ago, is my friend; she continually comes to my bedroom, sits on my lap to make me feel less upset, and greets me with a rather musical sound. (She doesn’t to anyone else!) My dog is also fun to be around-and is often the cause of hilarious antics.


These are my favourite type of Christmas decorations-and I am not entirely sure as to why. Anyway, I love seeing them at this time of year; they make me so happy!

The Breached.

The Breached is a relatively new website; the editor contacted me via Twitter to write “An introduction to Aspergers”. That’s the first time someone has asked me to write, and it was a particular favourite assignment of mine.


I started to work with more brands this year; I am grateful for every brand PR, every co-founder, who answered my emails, and agreed to work with me. After all, it’s not every day that this sort of thing happens-and it was so rewarding.

Being a columnist.

When I wrote a letter to my local county Newspaper, I did not think that anyone would take the time to respond, let alone take me on. But I thought, “You have nothing to loose!” So, I wrote a letter. a more than a year later, I am still an online Columnist. You can see them here. 

One particular teacher

To have a teacher who understands your additional learning needs is, although sometimes a rarity, incredible. This teacher did not make fun of me, helped me with essays, and indulged my interest-and lots of questions about-in American politics. You can read my open letter to them here. 

Christmas Trees and lights

I study in Brighton up to three times a week; similarly, the local town I live near by is “my stomping ground”. But these places are so beautiful at this time of year-there are Christmas trees in windows, lights above and around shops.

What are you grateful for this Christmas?

Lydia XO


So, if you’re on Twitter, Facebook, etc, you’d have probably noticed the term ‘Blogmas’ being mentioned; if not, don’t worry! All shall be explained in a moment.
‘Blogmas’ is a Blogger’s Christmas-so, an advent calendar of Christmas content, in essence. So, for the twenty five days leading to Christmas Day, there’ll be a new Christmas-themed post. Unlike Blogtober earlier this year, Christmas is a theme specific enough for me to write about. (Read my blogtober post here.)  As I post daily, my posts will be Christmas themed until the end of the year.
As it’s the first of December, I look back to what November was like for me. (Call it seasonal nostalgia!)
I had three things published; The Breached asked me to write An Introduction To Aspergers, and I pitched A Diet Change to Brain Fud, and my column, Do Not Assume The Worst, was published.
Posting daily meant I also had to plan in advance for this month (because, lets face it, I don’t write everything all on the day. I don’t live at home, typing permanently.) So: there’ll be a guest post or two on the blog. I also have some brands on board for a big collaboration.
I’ve also been thinking about a Christmas Card Project. Earlier this year, I was gifted some cards from Say Nice Things (see the post here); I’ll be despatching cards to various Bloggers and relatives. I did have to top my stock up, so chose this design from Dodopad LTD.
As to Journalism?
I went out on my first assignment, which involved meeting someone for quotes; I also filed a successful Freedom Of Information request. I can also roughly get down a dictation in Shorthand at about forty words a minute. Law is a bit of a struggle at the minute-but I’m revising all the variously mentioned acts.

Lets see where December takes us!




By now, you’re probably familiar with the idea of a Blog Box Swap; with another Blogger, a theme is agreed, you set a budget, and sending a parcel to who you’re paired with on the date set.
Myself and Rebekah from Rebekah Gillian (fellow Autism Blogger; click here to check out her blog) and I paired up; I can’t really remember how, it was possibly via Twitter. Anyway: we agreed on the theme of books (we’re both bookish) ; here is what I received:
Personally, I think Rebekah is psychic; I love Coconut Ice, and I think the last time I had some was when I was ten. (Nearly a decade ago!) Anyway, I loved the box included, and stupidly stuffed myself the afternoon I received them, and felt a bit sick..
The marble notebook is lovely; although slim, it’s now my poetry album. Here I plan to collate the odd verse that I write-maybe one day it could be a volume sold in Waterstones. (Because wouldn’t that be nice?!)

I also think she chose a really good book for me!

Blog boxes are something that I really enjoy; to get something that’s a surprise, and choosing something for someone on the other side, is possibly one of my favourite things to do. Besides, it’s always nice to get a parcel, right?
Untitled design

To see why I started this project, please click here.