As an aspiring Journalist, I must admit that ‘Journo stereotypes’ really do anger me; that we are ruthless in pursuit of a story, we hack phones, that we are corrupt, harass celebrities, etc. That we pay for our sources, write for our own agendas, steal information. For this post, I wanted to offer up an opinion piece in defence of Journalism, and anyone practicing this craft.
Now, I do appreciate that there are exceptions-people who regularly break this. I remember the hacking scandal with News Of The World; to be honest, it still disgusts me. And it is not a reflection of all Journalists-this was the exception. (I still stand by the view that there could have been specific legislation passed to curb is practice-make a penalty harsher.)
Journalism-in the reportage sense-is about getting the facts, and publishing them in in the public interest. Because how else can we solve issues, keep public officials to account, and find out about any local events otherwise? This isn’t just from a newspaper-there are websites, magazines, as well as the ever present (and dominant) social media. And it plays this function, because well, it’s a powerful tool of democracy, isn’t it? It gives the knowledge that is power.
But if anyone makes up lies, there is libel laws-so why would they want to?! There’s a stiff penalty attached to it-and could have an effect on whatever publication. So why would anyone wish to have this as an industry-wide vice?
(Well, they wouldn’t..) The intention is to publish in the interest of the public.
What do you think?


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For a long time now, I’ve known that I would love to be a Journalist. It was to do with words-just a simple love of words-was what started it off; wanting, even having to write. The interest in ‘Current Affairs’ came later, with my love of history-cold war, world war two, rock.
The NTCJ (National Training For The Council Of Journalists) was something that I had been aware of for a while-as far back as writing under a Pen Name for Jump For Journalism. It sounded ideal-the literal training to be a Journalist! (It’s a private diploma that’s recognised by the industry.) Writing meanwhile had further cemented my ambition-such as for Sussex Living, The Mid Sussex Times, and more. And I love interviewing people.
It was last year that I went to a taster day in Brighton. This was essentially a taster of the course-introduced by two very formidable Journalist’s themselves. (They had broken several stories-the famine that Live Aid raised money for, and the fall of the Berlin Wall.) We wrote a lot, were told more about the diploma, and even took part in a roll play press conference. It felt like I had finally found my place. This was what I wanted to do.
So, what happens next? You sit your aptitude test!
Now, I won’t write about this in detail, because it could be classed as cheating. (Now, why would I want to help that?) This was essentially a set of tasks to see if I would be suitable for the course. I also chatted to a learning support coordinator. (Because having Asperger’s Syndrome needs to be declared, to have help.)
All far, so good.

Part two coming soon.