Yesterday, I was in London for two events, both held by Hacked Off, related to Leveson 2. As this blog is a way for me to document ‘journalism training’-and because these events involved journalism, it… View Post

The more I train as a journalist, the more I seemingly become aware of ‘pet peeves’; we’re not seen as being ‘nice’-the name attached to us is commonly “Scum” or “Vultures”. But, in a tongue… View Post

Since training to be a journalist, I have come across some rather silly stereotypes. It seems that journalists aren’t generally liked! (Although I’m not sure that this is entirely fair.) Anyway: I have come across… View Post

What was your favourite gift you were given at Christmas? When starting my journalism course (you can read more about it here) one of my teachers mentioned Harold Evans. A lot. So, I googled him-and asked… View Post

What is a fairly new invention that is a good place to get stories, as a journalist? Asides from Twitter and Facebook, Blogs (in my opinion) are a great way to find stories. Whether it’s… View Post