Back in May, I saw Anastacia in concert; but what also caught my eye was the support act, Philippa Hanna. The lady with a huge voice…I bought her album, and have played it too many times to count since. Here,… View Post

So….Queen Extravaganza this year are touring, with Greatest Hits, and a full run-through of A Night At The Opera. They are the official Queen tribute band. Last year, I interviewed lead singer, Marc Martel, (click here to view), saw one of their… View Post

Growing up, I can still remember how I wanted to be a writer. I was the one, who would spend hours in the school library, dreaming of how I would one day leave a book behind on those shelves. This… View Post

Gail Crowther is an excellent Sylvia Plath scholar; today, she has a new book out: Sylvia Plath And The Haunted Reader. She took some time out to chat to me about Plath, her new book, and more. Hello Gail, thank you for… View Post

“I’m out of love, set me free, and let me out this misery..” If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I love Anastacia’s music; the ‘Little Lady With The Big Voice’, complete with such songs as Left Outside Alone, Paid My… View Post