Royal Albert Hall.

Nearly a month ago, I was lucky enough to go and see Breakfast At Tiffanys: Live at the Royal Albert Hall (pictured above). Whilst I was there, I also saw two other landmarks-and thought I’d mix it in with a review:
Albert Memorial:

Albert Memorial.

This is just behind the Royal Albert Hall, and seems to be almost quite a large monument.It’s very beautiful, and reminds me of the Diana memorial nearby.  I didn’t find out much about it-and would like to know. Tweet, or leave a comment, if you have any information please!
Imperial College:

Imperial College.

I’m not often in London, so was interested to pass Imperial College. It appears in the film Kingsman-so tried to get a picture of the window Colin Firth jumps out. (Sadly, it was blurred.) But it was the sheer size that got me-it’s huge! There was also signs up outside, by way of advertising; one project they are working on, for example, is a surgical knife, that indicates whether tissue is cancerous or not. (That would be a terrific invention-and, I think a gift to medicine. )
Overall, I loved the show-being an Audrey Hepburn fan..The orchestra did a really good job, and performed Moon River, with the composers daughter on vocals, at the end of the film. I’d really like to see Audrey’s Funny Face there live also.
Have you seen any shows recently?

The same day I visited Windsor castle, I was also lucky enough to see the memorial dedicated to the Magna Carta (pictured above- all images here are mine) .
Signed in 1215 by King John, the document was the first Constitutional document in the World- it also was later uses, partially, as a basis for the US constitution.
It was used, in restriction, of the Kings power: it also forms the basis for our moderns Justice system:

“All men are born equal”

The Clauses in it form certain Law practices-Prosecution by your equals, and according to the laws of the land, as well as being born equal.
A little way from that also is a memorial, put in (I think? ) 1965 or 1968 to President Kennedy.
Formed of a Plaque, it bare an inscription in dedication to him, and bares part of his inaugural a dress from January 20th 1961. This land is part of US soil, and is managed by The John F.Kennedy Fund.
Last year, on the fiftieth anniversary of his assassination, you could also have seen a copy of it in Dallas, Texas, just outside the Texas Book Depository.

Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to visit, and tour parts of Windsor Castle- but, as I didn’t take any photos, ok thought I’d do “Windsor by numbers” :
1 castle, built in 1070, by William the conquer. Now is one of the main homes of the Queen.
There was 3 group’s of Guards, seen at the changing of the Guard ceremony at 11 that morning.
Between all of us, we shared 4 ice creams-with the Royal mark of Windsor.
5 favorite paintings from the State Apartments- particularly one of the young Queen, soon after the coronation.
8 Canadian Geese.
18 sets of China (at least) , seen in the entrance of the State Apartments, behind glass doors.
30 swans. Possibly more..
200 steps up the Tower (this houses the Royal Archives) .
7.5 million visit the palace each year.

I love Company magazine. I really do.
Last night, I was lucky enough to attend there annual blog ceremony (no, I wasn’t nominated for an award). Here are all my edited pictures from the event!
I had to get the train…living a far distance from London,it was about an hour and a half away…
The stage were the blog winners were announced..
Lovely Elderflower tonic water- free drinks all night from the bar! It didn’t really taste good with the Orange jelly bean ice Lilly though…
Inside my right wrist, I got a free henna tattoo-appropriate, no?
Also, for free, you could get your hair professionally styled (here’s the business details you need to know! )
Similarly, for free, you could get a manicure… business details here also:
I had my nails done- a very pale pink (verging on white) . Proffessional, stylish, I was very satisfied:
There was free food- in ice cream and sausages, I think I may have eaten my body weight…. drinks also included.
There was also the” wall of gain” -with the new collection from Miss Guided, create a unique, one of a kind outfit, upload to Instagram, and you may win a prize:
Since I don’t have Instagram, but wanted to be nosy, I took part. Here’s my combination:
At the end, Company also gave each attendee a goodie bag- for free:
So not to sound pretenuous, I have a round up of my favorite things from the goodie bag (the BBQ lady was also giving out free ones, with packs of sausages- the next days lunch! ):
From Left to right:  Hourglass mascara, 20 percent discount from Miss Guided, Witch hazel skin cream, and Barry M nail varnish.
The Buenos bar made also a lovely snack for the long train ride back.
In terms of Journalism, this event was a great way to make contacts (just don’t be shy! ). I meet Lena De Casparis, and had my picture taken with her (features director)-sadly, I accidentally deleted it.
The tickets were 25 pounds- well worth it. I had a great night, so thank you company.

So, last weekend, I went to the lovely town of Canterbury. The town has some historic significance- it is where Thomas Beckett is held as a saint, for his accidental killing by King Henry 6th, and his religious stance on England.
This is the opening entrance to the library which is dedicated to Thomas Beckett:
The lovely town also had quite a few bookshops-ironically, I was wearing this badge for the duration of the weekend:
The town is also quite old- this library was built in 1889..and is still used to day. It’s quite a large building ; this photograph only shows a tiny proportion.
Outside the library, There was also this very cheap ice cream cart:
And, the town has quite a big emphasis on food- particularly cake. These were just some of my favorite handmade designs:
There was also a really nice fudge shop near the Cathedral- they gave free samples, and the people serving were just so nice. This is the outside picture :
We bought one slap of vanilla fudge- quite a chunky slice as well! You could even get some drinking fudge- there was even chilli flavour.. this was the bag (with fudge inside) :
How was your weekend?