* Owing to a technical fault, and not planning ahead properly, today’s post will be all about what I went to see at Kensington palace yesterday; I had intended to post an interview with the Candy Girls (click here to check out their website), but it didn’t pan out. I’ll try my best to post it maybe later this year.
One of my favourite things to do is to go and see exhibitions; often, they are very quiet, there aren’t always a lot of people, and you can learn something along the way. (Fits the profile of someone with Aspergers, I think!) Yesterday I was delighted to go and see Diana: Her Fashion Story at Kensington Palace..
This was the poster outside the palace entrance:
I’m too young to remember Princess Diana, as she died two years prior to me being born; however, I’ve been aware of her ever since reading a designed-for-a-child biography at Primary School. To me, as was a very glamorous figure; a few years ago, when there was an auction of her dresses, I just had to watch.. And ever since that this was announced, I have wished to go.
I know that the above photo is slightly irrelevant, but I thought it needed to be included; everywhere in the palace there’s a piece of history. There are portraits, cushions, plaques, and more. Can you see which members of the royal family these are? (They were on the way to the exhibition..)
There were a number of fabulous looking dresses; my favourite dress that was included at the exhibition was the one Princess Diana danced at the White House in, with John Travolta. Each of the dresses had a little plaque saying where they were worn, who designed by, etc.
What was also was how Diana was influenced by films, etc. The above dress was inspired by a Grace Kelly film, for instance.
Does this dress remind anyone else of what Sleeping Beauty worn in the Disney animation?
On one wall was a few sketches of various designs; it was noted how Diana would suggest changes, comment on what she liked, etc. (There were also fabric samples attached.) Some of the designs were products of their time; can you see the massive eighties style shoulder pads on some of these designs?
This was my favourite dress out of them all!
Personally, I also think that there is some Jacqueline Kennedy influence here; this was in the last part of the exhibition, and was showing how Diana designed her clothes for when she would visit children’s hospitals, etc.
Overall, I did enjoy this exhibition, but I do feel that there was too many people; for example, a lot of visitors were taking photos, pushing, occasionally shoving. And it really was not needed! The exhibition could have also been a little bit more expansive; to me, a ‘Diana Fan’, it just scratched the surface of her life. It could have started off with her style when she was a teenager, meeting Prince Charles, engagement, etc. But this is not an exhibition I would miss, particularly if you’re a fan;  Click here to book tickets. 
What do you think; would you go to this exhibition?
Untitled design


A little while ago I found an invitation in my inbox, inviting me to the Book Launch of The Summer Of Impossible Things, the latest novel by Rowan Coleman. (I would just like to admit that I was a little bit shocked, as I am never invited to events like this. And I was suspicious. So I just had to check it was legitimate…)
The place it was at was a small bookshop; it specialised in collectible, first edition, signed books. As I had forgotten my copy, I bought a hardback to be signed..
I also felt so grown up! I turned eighteen in March; look what I was offered! (I only had one though…just to be responsible, as I was travelling home on the train.) As soon as I was introduced, Rowan immediately knew I was the “Queen fan” from Twitter! (Not a bad thing, right?)
In this photo, my expression may be a little bit strange, but I was so nervous, and just a little bit anxious. (That’s code for “trying to keep it together”!) Needless to say, I think I need to learn how to take a decent photo, and to have a decent photo taken of me…
I briefly chatted to Tess Henderson, Rowan’s publicist; we exchanged pleasantries about the blog tour I was a part of, publishing, etc. I also said about my Aspergers. how Rowan’s books make me feel less alone… She then went to get Rowan to tell her! (Hhmm… best be quiet next time.)
Whoops.. I forgot to add how I made a new friend, Katerina. She had won the Twitter contest, and was dubbed “The Italian Fan Club” that evening. As we knew virtually no one at the launch, we stuck together near the door; it was hot, so that way we could feel the breeze. There was also food there..
I loved being invited to this launch, as I also got some great advice as to how to get published; I was also told some ‘gossip’ about the book, which I can’t print, but I’m so excited! I am so grateful to have been invited; it was such as a privilege.
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Click here to buy The Summer Of Impossible Things.  And to find out more about Rowan Coleman, click here.

Disclaimer: Due to Bagelman following me on Instagram-I still have no idea as to why-I pitched to see if I could review their shop. On the day, I was lucky enough to be able to go behind the counter, and see how they make their Bagels. This is what constitutes a PR related post, yet I enjoyed it.
Hello! Good morning-I hope your day is going well so far.
During the first Saturday of March, I was lucky enough to be able to stop by Bagleman, and was taught how to make Bagels with staff members. (Because bloggers just love food!) It was a little bit tricky to navigate my way to the shop in the Lanes, yet I was happy to have done so in the end.
img_1233Needless to say, I was very impressed with the sheer size of the menu! Additionally, it was nailed to a wall outside the shop, meaning that anyone passing could have a quick peek. (Albeit I wasn’t surprised at the variety; having visited Downtown Cozies in the US, I just could not wait to see what was in store for me.)
The shop is far bigger inside than I thought it would be, judging from the outside. (Reflecting on this now, I was reminded a little bit of the Tardis, from Doctor Who.)
Needless to say, it took me a little while to choose what sort of a Bagel I would have liked at the time; in the end though, I chose a plain-ish bagel, with a little bit of a glaze on top, complete with bacon, and ketchup. (It was nine AM-and it was seemingly the most ‘Breakfast-y’ option I could conjure up at a given moment, plus the most imaginative*.)
*As you can see, I do lack imagination early in the mornings-it was early, I needed my fuel!!
I was fascinated to see the preparation.

Simply cut in half, add the toppings, and squeeze together. There are so many options, I really cannot emphasise this enough.
To cook, it took maybe forty seconds-the actual figure alludes me. But behind the counter, there are This ovens-quite small by size-that cook them on the go. There are various different settings, all designed dependent on the combination of Bagels. (And I think that every hungry student should be given one of these things-they are magic!)
Silver magic! As you can see on the screen, the twenty five seconds has passed, but not for the full summary of the time required. It also looked quite heavy, and something that I would not necessarily be able to handle.
Looks good for a windy day, right? Have you ever been to Bagleman? Leave your comments below-

Owing due to personal circumstance-being told I had “nothing to wear” to a party-I went down to Brighton not too long ago with a few realitives, in order to ‘remedy’ the situation. Whilst I was there, I took a lot of photos, enough for a Photo Diary Post-which I’m going to share with you now.

(This won’t necessarily be in chronological order, due to varying quality of my photos, and the sequence of editing.)
I was fortunate enough to have lunch at Ed’s Easy Diner. This is a lovely American style diner that stays truely authentic to its USP; it has mirrored walls, graphics of the classical waitress, an all-American menu, and a lovely jukebox system. And the food is lovely!

Although not full size, and sitting at your table, for every song choice you put twenty pence in at the top, and select the corresponding letter/number combination. Instead of playing at your table-imagine how noisy that would be!-it plays on the overhead speakers. (Fifties classics on the selection menu vary from Jailhouse Rock and Rock Around The Clock, to Hello Mary Lou and Johnny B Goode. Lovely!
I also tried a Cherry Flavour Pepsi Max; not being a big fan of fizzy drinks, I was pleasantly surprised-although this was a little bit too flat. (Too much ice!)
As a meat eater, I was pleasantly surprised at the range of meat; sometimes going round restaurants, I feel like the meat doesn’t vary a lot, and is often heavily greasy. (May not be suitable for vegetarians!)
The waiter was also lovely-very smiley with an easygoing manner. What more could anyone possibly want in a Diner?!
(Although next time I visit, I’m determined to try the desserts. But then again, Rees’ Cheesecake is not something that I can get on board with…) Give me a slice of chocolate cake and Icecream with caramel sauce any day! And there was also a possible side of sweet potato fries-I didn’t have them this time, but these are on ‘The List’ to try.
If you look carefully, you’ll be able to guess what I had to eat-although we shared a side of fries.
Brighton is a lovely place, one of my favorite places there is; I love how there’s just a place for everyone-there isn’t a conventional standard to be followed, really.
Apart from it being utterly freezing-we had snow, people, snow!-I was happy to explore, despite being very cold at points. (Having left a spare jumper in the car, at points I was kicking myself.)
I can also report back that Waterstones has finally completed its general work and repairs; it now has a white exterior, marketed as a book cafe. The Romanovs was the book dominating the window display at the time; must read it soon!
(As you can see, I have a one track mind; books and food, books and food, books and food. Maybe Netflix ought to be added into the mix?!)

What’s not to love about a cat-themed beanie?!
I believe that I found this in H&M, although I may be wrong about that. It didn’t see, to be on their website, although you can find a different cat hat by clicking here.
This was a shirt that I felt particularly inspired by. Warning: a little bit of a rant coming up.
I really dislike the way that some clothes are marketed for my age range, in comparison to male counterparts; female clothing puts forward the perception of only being concerned with being a socialite, whilst male clothing is more to do with being brainy.
There was one I saw online that particularly irritated me; being “allergic to algebra” is apparently a good thing in female clothing. I really disagree!
Anyway, for once I spotted a shirt, retailing quite cheaply, and in correlation to my views. Finally!
(Sorry for the rant.)
I’ve also possibly found a replacement for my Starbucks-not that I drink it regularly-and that is probably far healthier.
Smooth is obviously a Smoothie drink franchise, that makes the smoothie up as you wait, in correlating to its menu. You can also choose your size-Kids, Small, or Regular.  (For this photo, I went for Regular-I was thirsty, after all!)
(Just as an aside: I don’t generally go around, taking photos of my food. To me, food is food; gotta eat or drink it that moment! I don’t mean this as an offensive thing to anyone who does-I just don’t want to be stereotyped as a millennial. Maybe I should do a post about that?)
But yes: eat, drink and be merry.

Continuing with the cat theme…
Funnily enough, I found a bow tie for cats. (Yes, really, you read that correctly.) I was t sure what to think, to be honest. To me, putting human clothes on animals seems really cruel-the same as putting them in prams, bags, etc. But who am I to judge? 
Additionally, I also began to notice that some clothing has begun to pay far more attention to internet phases and language. Just take a look at this shirt on the left…
(‘Salty’ is essentially being sassy, I guess, although I’m not really explaining it well, for those of you who don’t know..)
In targeting collections, I guess that this could be a good idea; it’s relevant to the buying demographic, which is why we buy X, Y, or Z, right?
But then again, I do feel that it can be a little bit patronising, in making up their own abbreviations. Online one particular brand had marked one such product as being O.C.D-Obsessive Cat Disorder.
You read that correctly.
Basically; I’m on board if it’s fitting with actual slang, and is not used to stigmise a serious condition.
Plus, unicorns!
Generally speaking, whenever I think of an English high street, I see rain, and people dressed either in head-to-toe black, grey, maybe even brown. That’s quite a negative image, isn’t it? It just suggests boredom, trudging on, not caring.
One such marketing too, I would like to see is more of a ‘Unicorn’ vibe; putting back glitzy hues into our clothing. (Because unicorns are cool, right?)
Ironically enough, the shirt, pictured to the right, is what suggested the whole above commentary. And it’s grey!
Not that there is anything wrong with grey, it’s just running in contradiction to the point I was trying to make.
(This’ll probably be something in my next “Goals for….’ post.)
A few things I saw in Topshop!

Gotta keep teachers on their toes!
There was also a lot of stationary that made me feel very envious-for example, a kit basically making complimentary notes about somebody. What a good idea..
But then again, this epistle stack.
I’m not sure what to think.
What should I think?
And what do you think?
I’d love to know.
That way I can come to my own opinion.
Please help.
I am really not sure.
Moving on…to the final photo.

I feel in love with this leather jacket; it’s one of those garements that just seems to tick all the boxes needed. (And it’s a birthday present-I can’t wait!)
Have you visited Brighton?

* Thank you to Molly Turnley at Six 07 press for the press tickets at my own request, and photos included in this post. Thanks also to a relative who attended the concert with me. The first part of the title of this post was also inspired by Lissie’s song, Wild West.*
Chances are that if you’re aware of the indie folk rock music market, you would have heard of Lissie. The big bluesy monster of a voice, coupled with her own lyrics and music. What more could you possibly want? I was so lucky to see Lissie in Brighton last Wednesday, and enjoyed myself immensely.
The support act was Teddy Thompson; a guitar player originally from London, he kept on s entertained with his sharp, witty humour. He reminds me a little bit of  Ed Sheehan-heartfelt lyrics, guitar slung over one shoulder, lost to music. Because that’s what music is about, isn’t it? An artist who is in the industry for the music, not the lifestyle. Ironically, it was Thompson himself who played a song relative to that theme.

I think that live performance is my strong suit. When it’s all in the moment and you feel that adrenaline from a crowd.
-Lissie interview, with Mademoiselle.

It’s approximately at nine that Lissie arrives on stage; there’s a lack of superiority that some artists seem to have. At her side is a new guitarist, Nick Lotto, seemingly absent from last year’s tour. Before the night finishes, he’ll play alongside Lissie, and sing backing. They compliment each other-a huskier lower tone against the rising lyrical vocal that we’ve all come to see. Hats off, sir! You’re brilliant.

Opening this concert is Hero, the first single of Lissie’s latest album, My Wild West. But it’s what follows that has me completely overjoyed; the cracker of Further Away, from Back To Forever. How anyone can manage to sustain such a note is beyond me. This is what music is-and why I’ve come to see Lissie live.

I’ve been trying to practice this… don’t be invested in the outcome, just do what you’re doing and have faith.
-Lissie interview, Mademoiselle.

There’s other highlights; this includes When I’m Alone, Oh Mississippi, Shamless, Don’t You Give Up On Me, In Sleep, and even Joni Mitchell’s River.
My favorite moment of all has to be the climax of When I’m Alone. This is a song that’s a favorite of mine-the arching chorus, the raw vocal, compelte with such brilliant lyrics. Lissie seemed almost lost in the music-with hair swishing, flying about, and dancing all around the stage. Liberal Brighton is the perfect venue for Lissie. And any artist alike.
I also loved Shamless. The rocker of a song, complete with a few expletives, about the standards of beauty in a brutal industry. Everyone was singing along! And that’s were I want to be…

Recently, there has also been the Live At Union Chapel Release-Lissie, live in concert. It’s a complete perfect combination. This was almost a running thread throughout the evening; Lissie is signed to Cooking Vinyl in the U.K., and Lionboy in the U.S. These labels are independent. This complements Lissie to the core; her brand is authentic, as is her music. The appeal to the expanding fan base must be immense….she admitted to being “shameless” in promoting her releases, etc. And for good reason to; the more invested, the better the new, emerging releases and tours could be.
There was only one thing I missed; the element of improvision from last year’s concert, Manchester. The crowd had shouted out songs that they wished to hear played live, and some of their wishes were accordingly granted. This show I saw last week lacked some auidence contact; it had some, but retained a superficial edge, almost. There could have also been some percussion added; it’s all very well just having two guitars, yet a gritty sound is what is needed. There is some gravitas lacking-but it would have a greater effect in playing the songs.
If you liked this review, then maybe you’ll like some of this other ‘Lissie’ content:

I’m also going to be shameless now; click here to buy Live At Union Chapel. It’s a great live album. I highly recommend it. Or, to stay up to date with Lissie, click here.