One of my favourite things to do is to go around exhibitions; usually they are quite quiet, you can go round them at your own pace, and you learn something at the same time. (Perfect for someone who has Asperger’s Syndrome, right?)
The V&A is one of my favourite places in London; I love the diversity of the exhibits it has, as well as the fact that it has permanent galleries. (I love the glasswork, as it’s so pretty, complete with a glass staircase.)
I knew little about Balenciaga prior to looking at this exhibition; I felt really silly when I realised it was a man, and not a women! (I was familiar with the image on the left, but has thought it was the designer… whoops.) Needless to say, I loved seeing the actual garment.

I came away with much more of an understanding as to how much of a genius Balenciaga was. There were quotes everywhere about his influence on feminity. And get this: he had an obsession with sleeves! They had to be fitted properly to the person to ‘make’ the garment.
Although I must admit that I did find some of the outfits to be a bit, well, hideous; personally, I would not wear some of them. But there were some truly beautiful garments that the exhibit housed!
I also loved the anecdote that during the second world war, part of his business was forcefully shut down, due to being seen as encouraging extravagance, whilst there was war time austerity.
Does anyone think that this resembles something Jacqueline Kennedy would wear?
I was also fascinated about the part of the exhibit that detailed how the dresses were sometimes designed for private clients, and how part of the success of the business was owed to these often very rich clients.
Similarly, one of my favourite parts of the exhibit was when, at the end, it looks at the influence on new designers. (Ever heard of the ‘snake dress’?) But how tedious would it have been to hand paint the silk of these outfits? (Far left, below.)
There was also the Ava Gardiner coat, complete with full Ostrich feathers on the sleeves. (Beautiful, yet it looked so heavy!)
This was my favourite dress of all; I like how it shapes around the waist, and how the feathers add an exotic element to the bodice and all over. I also adore the colour-it would make any female feel better, I think!
As somebody with Aspergers Syndrome, I did find the amount of people in this exhibit at times to be a little bit overwhelming; we were packed in, and it grew increasingly hotter and hotter. If you do visit the V&A, bring headphones to block out some of the sensory noise. Oh, and a drink-something cold is advisable.
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Hello all!

So on Saturday, I posted about meeting my Pen Pal in Brighton; Abbie from Abbie Chic had organised a meet up to celebrate her blog birthday. Whilst there I was lucky enough to be gifted a goodie bag; therefore, I thought I should write a post about ‘unpacking’ it. It was very sweet, fabulous, and had a lot of ‘swag’ in it.
Abbie had designed the bags herself; aren’t they just the coolest thing?! (Definitely my favourite superpower.) There was also a tiny badge attached-right hand top corner in the photo-with the words ‘Eat, Sleep, Blog, Repeat’. Zazzle is a gem that I have yet to fully explore.
And the inside…
Dr Paw Paw, 10 ml multipurpose balm:
Dr Paw Paw, as you probably know by now, is one of my favourite things; with regard to that, I felt very lucky to receive this tiny tube. Nicer than the pink tint version I have, this version is ideal to tuck into your bag.I also like how it doesn’t have a smell, is slightly thicker than the pink version, and is clear. Perfect!
Click here to buy the 10ml version.
Pocket Notebooks: 
I love stationery, enough so to maybe start a collection; one day it could start a Museum. Anyway, I received a pink notebook, a green sketchbook notebook, a pencil, a bulldog clip, and a dog paperclip. I like the feel of the pink notebook in my hand; although a little bit small, I intend to save it for when I start a new project. The pencil is really nice to write with; because we all forget how nice an HB can be. The dog paperclip now has pride of place in my Filofax. Abbie had also wrapped this parcel up in tissue paper and washi tape, which was to keep it all together.
Click here to browse stationery Heaven. 
Abbie is my pen pal; it still delights me to receive fairly regular letters in the post. I was due a letter from her; instead of posting it, she gave it to me, and for safekeeping it was put in my goodie bag. I loved the pink ink (Paperchase’s!) and the feel of the paper in my hands.
As with any goodie bag, there are the PR cards; always useful, they often have the brand’s information, as well as maybe having instructions as to the products in the bag. Abbie also put in her business card and a note saying about what’s in the bag.
Nakd Snack Bars: 
Because as a Blogger, I adore food. I was grateful to receive these.
Click here to indulge in Nakd bars. 
Doctor Kimoto Original Hot Eye Masks: 
Now I can’t find any website or social media for this brand, but if you do see it about, I cannot emphasise how great they are; essentially an eye mask, they heat via the air, and are relaxing. I got home from a networking event, and despite being knackered, used one. It calmed me down, and was relaxing.
If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know that I reviewed the Spongedry a little while ago; it’s an incredibly nifty device, and is ideal for a make up addict.
Click here to buy one.  And see my blog review here. 
Little Known Box. 

Little Known Box is a brand that I love, simply for how universal it is. There was a small bag of beauty products, and I can’t wait to try them out.
Click here to view. Or here to see my blog review. 
Thank you very much Abbie for inviting me, and gifting me these products; to see and visit her blog, please click here.

Have you ever been to a Blogger meet up? Let me know in the comments.

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Hey everyone!

A little while ago, Abbie from Abbie Chic and I met up in Brighton; she had intended to hold a bloggers meet up to celebrate the second birthday of her blog. Anyway, I loved meeting my pen pal (you can read about our blog box swap here), and I thought it would be nice to show you where we went.
And just as a side note: this was the perfect thing for me. There wasn’t too many people, and the location was quiet; Aspergers aint gonna stop me now!
This was The Flour Pot Bakery; apparently Zoella likes it? It was tucked in on the corner of Sydney Street, and sells savoury and sweet products. The seating is plentiful, and the insides peaceful; fab!
I had a Coke-quite warm-and a Rocky Road that had been made that day. (Yummy!) Whilst eating and drinking, I chatted to Abbie about everything under the sun; Blogging, Magazines, my College..
The entrance to the bakery.
I had unpacked my (fabulous) goodie bag whilst in the bakery;  I’ll be uploading an ‘unpacking’ post later this week or today-I have yet to decide.
We had a look around the adjacent streets; Abbie spotted this very cute dress! (Because, yeah, I’m a crazy cat lady.) I liked Pen To Paper, a very retro stationery shop; I’ll probably have to back, as their website has lovely powder blue writing supplies.
Roly’s fudge is also a lovely place to visit; if you wish to see Fudge being made in front of you, some samples, or a gift to give a house-sitter, this is where you should go. We spotted this sauce, which did hold some fascination. (Fudge on ice-cream; this sounds like a great thing!)
In the next shop (next to Roly’s fudge) there were these very cute umbrellas; they reminded me of Alice In Wonderland, playing croquet..
And nearby…
Were these. To be honest, I just liked the way they looked; I’m not really much of a drinker. I think they make a cocktail, but they look almost akin to a bath bomb, or a bath salt product..
And look at these pretty pieces of artwork on building exteriors:

Abbie also showed me a few new places in Brighton that I had previously been unaware of; have any of you heard of Beyond Retro? I hadn’t, so I loved walking down to the Warehouse-esque building, and pouring through the flick-through-shelving and bargain bins. (I also got a Christmas present for my Mum there; Abbie spotted it, so all hats off to her.)
If only I had a small waist lie this dress requires! Loving the blue on this..
And look what I found:
Marty McFly’s lace up boots! (Well, sort of.)
I loved the glitter on some of the outfits, although I would never wear these garments; it’s a sensory thing, because without lining, it would drive me crazy. But look how shimmery, how beautiful they are 🙂  I was particularly taken with the green shirt (see if you can see it.)
And there were shoes EVERYWHERE.
I didn’t know DM’s could be sequinned like this! There were also sixties style pumps-I was taken with them-but the sizes varied quite wildly. If you like a bargain, this is a great place to go.
I had a lovely time meeting my pen friend; Abbie is lovely to talk to, and she didn’t make anything awkward to me. (Because having ASD means meeting new people is not something I’m particularly good at.) A Blogger’s meet up is a perfect day out in this respect; I also loved getting to know Brighton just that bit better.

Click here to see Abbie’s blog. 

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Bloggers Ball was an incredible event for me; to have won tickets as part of a giveaway, then to attend a networking event for Bloggers…Sign me up! I posted about the event a little while ago, but I thought that I would share a few lessons learnt (what to ‘takeaway’) from the event, if you attend such an event.
Make friends with the security guard/bouncer on the door; they are the best, and are humans to.
If you don’t know what to do, or haven’t been to such an event, do ask as to what to do. Scarlett who organised the whole thing was excellent at briefly explaining what we could do.
Wear comfortable shoes. Because you will spend a lot of time on your feet.
Eat before you go. There were several bloggers that day who said that they hadn’t eaten in X amount of hours, and were therefore hungry.. Eat before you go. It’s good to feel good about yourself.
Chat to the brands.
Edit photos to hide the terrible lighting, as well as well your phone shook. (Not that alcohol had anything to do with it!) Carrying on on that note: glitter lips do not go with beverages of any sort. Get them done later.
Write small. Brands require your email. In a tiny box.
Wear what you are comfortable in. And will remain comfortable in. A leather jacket is not a good look whilst sweaty.
If Bloggers tweet that they are going, make a note of who they are, and what they are wearing. In some respects I do regret that I did not do this, instead tweeting a semi-hideous selfie that should never walk this Earth. We could have been friends!
Take a small bag, as there is small amounts of space.
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You know that awesome feeling you get from an email that says you’ve won a competition?  Well, I entered a retweet competition on Twitter to win a pair of tickets to Bloggers Ball. SO EXCITED!
This event-and many others-is run by Scarlett Dixon of Scarlettlondon.com. (click here to view.)  These blog events create such a buzz-and just about everyone on social media was talking about it. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait.


Birds eye view of the event!

Prior to this, I had been to one blogging networking event: the Company magazine blogger awards. (Click here to view.)   But that wasn’t really a proper event, as I didn’t make use of it, and wasn’t involved; I just went as it looked glitzy, glamourous. This event was of more use, as I’m taking my blog a bit more seriously; I plan to work with brands, and would love to turn it into a business.
I went with my friend Amy; she’s what you would classify as a ‘newbie blogger’, so if you could show her blog (click here to view) some love, that would be awesome. So, this event I thought could have been of use to us both-and as my ‘plus one’, she was brilliant. For instance, navigating us there!

Look at that pile of goodie bags!

When we arrived, we were met by a very ‘chipper’ bouncer; he was so nice to us, funny as well. Just what was needed in the sweltering heat…it made us smile!
We met Scarlett, who looked incredible in a blue jumpsuit; she was kind enough to explain what to do, how to do, at this event. A bar was in the middle of the room, but round the outside of the room were brand stalls; they had products to show, with some samples to try, and would be open to collaborations.
One of my favourite stalls was Candy Kittens; the delicious cat shaped sweets! They come in different flavours that were just so… lovely. So tender to eat. They have a new Vegan flavour, with some for us to try. (This is a brand I would love to collaborate with.)
I also had some glitter lips put in place, as part of a brand stall that was there. Just a bit hard to drink with a cocktail!
Everyone was just so lovely; we got to talk to virtually all the brands, enter giveaways, and pitch collaborations. Watch this space! (I’m so excited for what could come from this, I cannot tell you!
Everything was so pretty, and everyone was so nice to us; you made me feel a part of the blogging scene!

Have you ever been to a Blogging event? If so, what did you think?

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To find out more about Scarlett London events, click here.