January was… well, a busy month. But is was also ‘blue’, being the start of the year, it was raining a lot of the time, and everything seemed… blah. So: for this months round up…… View Post

Well, well, it seems like this year has gone really quickly, doesn’t it? It seems only a little while ago that the internet was ruminating about the latest famous person who passed away. 2017 had… View Post

*This post was inspired by this post that Jenny at Jenny In Neverland recently wrote.  Christmas, to borrow a film quote, is “a time to be thankful”, a time to be “grateful”; I completely agree.… View Post

Hello! So, if you’re on Twitter, Facebook, etc, you’d have probably noticed the term ‘Blogmas’ being mentioned; if not, don’t worry! All shall be explained in a moment. ‘Blogmas’ is a Blogger’s Christmas-so, an advent… View Post

Greetings, By now, you’re probably familiar with the idea of a Blog Box Swap; with another Blogger, a theme is agreed, you set a budget, and sending a parcel to who you’re paired with on… View Post