Well, well, it seems like this year has gone really quickly, doesn’t it? It seems only a little while ago that the internet was ruminating about the latest famous person who passed away. 2017 had… View Post

*This post was inspired by this post that Jenny at Jenny In Neverland recently wrote.  Christmas, to borrow a film quote, is “a time to be thankful”, a time to be “grateful”; I completely agree.… View Post

Hello! So, if you’re on Twitter, Facebook, etc, you’d have probably noticed the term ‘Blogmas’ being mentioned; if not, don’t worry! All shall be explained in a moment. ‘Blogmas’ is a Blogger’s Christmas-so, an advent… View Post

Greetings, By now, you’re probably familiar with the idea of a Blog Box Swap; with another Blogger, a theme is agreed, you set a budget, and sending a parcel to who you’re paired with on… View Post

Hello!   Well, yes, today is the relaunch of this blog! As you can see, Mademoiselle Women has been updated, complete with new fonts, content, etc. But just why? You see, this site hasn’t had… View Post