Dear younger me, I can see you there, the girl hiding herself behind her very own mass of brunette curls. You aren’t at all invisible, you know, because you matter. We all do. And we don’t stop. It’s important to… View Post

It started off reading another blog; or, as I prefer,being inspired to write a blog post by another really talented blogger. Lauren at This Stuff Is Golden . She’d written the endearing post of Forty Things To Teach My Future Daughter.… View Post

Hello, and a happy new year to you, my lovely readers.- It’s finally 2017, after the rather too literal monster of a year, 2016. (It was awful at points, right?) Anyway, let’s not dwell on that. New year, new attitude,… View Post

​This has been something floating round on the Blogosphere for a while; I’m particular, I was inspired by this version, over at This Stuff Is Golden. And, I wanted to compose my own version. Here goes.. Hello Sweetie.- It’s Mummy.… View Post