A friend sparked the idea for this post; she was bored, and messaging me, asking all sorts of questions. Here are fifty things to do if you’re bored! Read a book. Any book.  Go for a walk. Dream about a… View Post

Sounds ambitious, right? Looking back at all the blog posts I’ve written this year, I haven’t explained-yet-As to why I wanted to attempt the three hundred and sixty five day challenge. (Basically: post daily, and tweet your posts.) It’s about… View Post

Dear Thirteen Year Old Me.- You can be so loud at times! And yet, oddly, you seem to change at the drop of a hate-quiet at home, shy to some strangers. From where I am now, it seems to me… View Post

Because who would not want to do this?! Continuing with the ’50 things’ series, here’s the latest addition. Suggest a film night-with them choosing the film, and possibly, the theme to go with it. (Horror, anyone?) And that includes stuffing… View Post

So, I wrote this post about me being trolled, attacking my ostensibly ‘awful feminist’* viewpoint. So, I’m going to attempt a second letter.  *not my view or opinion. To my darling little boy.- Hello, it’s mummy-writing to you from the… View Post