“Treat me”

We all have bad days, don't we? So, taking insparation from Gala Darling, and Thrifty Vintage Fashion, I wanted to share a "Treat Me" list. Simply used, these are possibilities of which you could undertake when in a bad mood: Turn off the phone. No Wi-Fi, no messages. Spend the evening in, complete with a … Continue reading “Treat me”

The lipstick tag.

This has been a post that has been floating around for a while...and I really wanted to give it a go (!) A tag is essentially where a blogger answers questions, tags other bloggers sometimes.. How many lipsticks do you own? I thought I had far more, but it seems to be just the above, … Continue reading The lipstick tag.

Interview: Tyler Warren on Music, QUEX, and Drumming!

So....Queen Extravaganza this year are touring, with Greatest Hits, and a full run-through of A Night At The Opera. They are the official Queen tribute band. Last year, I interviewed lead singer, Marc Martel, (click here to view), saw one of their shows, (click here to view), and met the band (click here to view.) But-because the … Continue reading Interview: Tyler Warren on Music, QUEX, and Drumming!

10 pet peeves on a train.

Okay, I take a lot of train rides. (Obviously, not being able to drive.) This post is not intended to be "bitchy"-but these are my ten pet peeves when on a train. 1. Long haul trip and not putting your suitcase on the overhead shelve. Why? Why? Why? It takes up vital leg space, and … Continue reading 10 pet peeves on a train.

A Letter To My Furture Daughter.

​This has been something floating round on the Blogosphere for a while; I'm particular, I was inspired by this version, over at This Stuff Is Golden. And, I wanted to compose my own version. Here goes.. Hello Sweetie.- It's Mummy. Well, sort of. From way back in the past, complete with black glasses and brunette … Continue reading A Letter To My Furture Daughter.

Review: The Whistler By John Grisham. *

(Disclaimer: This book was sent to me, at my own request, by Kerry Hood, over at Hodder and Stroughton. What follows is my honest opinion. I am very grateful to her. )   I do love a thriller, really I do. I'm not familiar, apart from this book, but I was pleasantly surprised. A book … Continue reading Review: The Whistler By John Grisham. *

Phil Collins: Not Dead Yet. The Review! *

​(Disclaimer: this book I had requested to review almost nine months in advance of publication. It has been something I have wanted to read for a long time. What follows is an honest review.) Who recalls dancing to a Genesis record, or the Magnum Opus of In The Air Tonight? As soon as I read … Continue reading Phil Collins: Not Dead Yet. The Review! *

Interview with Dame Jacqueline Wilson

Growing up, I can still remember how I wanted to be a writer. I was the one, who would spend hours in the school library, dreaming of how I would one day leave a book behind on those shelves. This is why I am so exicted to introduce this new interview. I was very humbled … Continue reading Interview with Dame Jacqueline Wilson

Together release.*

Correction: this is going to be released on 4th November. Today, Alfie Boe and Michael Ball are releasing Together, a joint album of classical music. (Did anyone watch Alfie Bowie singing at the Queen's ninetieth birthday? Such a great performance.)  I am really exicted to see them perform in Brighton, possibly, as well as for … Continue reading Together release.*

Not Dead Yet By Phil Collins ; Release.*

Doesn't it seem, that more and more recently, there has been almost an avalanche of rock auto-biographies? The self-penned memoirs, I'm thinking of people such as Chrissie Hynde, and Carly Simon. The latter I really loved, just because of the language-it feels unusual on the tongue, and is immensely gratifying when reading about Simon's life. … Continue reading Not Dead Yet By Phil Collins ; Release.*

Blogging Goals For The Next Few Years.

It's day nineteen, and Blogtober has me thinking about goals I wish to reach for next year. For today's post, I thought I would compile a list of blogging goals I wish to reach. 1. Have at least a thousand daily hits. This currently ranges from one to five hundred daily, but I find myself … Continue reading Blogging Goals For The Next Few Years.

The A-Z Of Me.

Over on Dorkface, I saw, and was consequently inspired by, her Alphabet of herself. So, I wanted to do my own post... A... is for Aspergers Syndrome. I was diagnosed in January 2015. It's a high functioning disorder, meaning I can be highly literal, not understand communication, and can get very stressed if plans change … Continue reading The A-Z Of Me.

QUEX Anticipation. Here’s What I wish To See.*

Last year, I was lucky enough to see Queen Extravaganza in concert; to put it bluntly, the official tribute band is immensely stunning. Pure brilliance.  This year, they are returning with A Nght At The Opera and Greatest Hits. For somebody who's never got to see Queenin their heyday, this is something I'm really excited … Continue reading QUEX Anticipation. Here’s What I wish To See.*

Currently Reading: David Bowie: Hero By Lesley Ann Jones. (Review.) *

(Disclaimer: this book was sent to me, at my request, by Hodder and Stroughton, in association with Mulcahy Associates. I have been wanting to read this for months, ever since it was announced. What follows is my honest opinion, unhindered. ) David Bowie. If you say his name to some, there'll be fond reminiscences, having … Continue reading Currently Reading: David Bowie: Hero By Lesley Ann Jones. (Review.) *

The Fall: My Opinion Piece.

The Fall; I've been a fan since series one, and have since been eagerly awaiting series three. My favourite character, played by Gillian Anderson, has to be Stella Gibson, because of the way she's very pro women's rights. She- to borrow a word I dislike- is a total boss. I love the one liners, the … Continue reading The Fall: My Opinion Piece.