Posts I’ve Been loving #2; Satchels and Vintage!

Greetings! Following on from my other post, here is the next instalment of posts I've been loving recently. These are written by fellow bloggers like me; if you like what they write, please comment on their posts. It makes our day. And although there are only three links in this post, these were notable posts … Continue reading Posts I’ve Been loving #2; Satchels and Vintage!

When the internet makes you think…

Oh, internet; you are something, aren't you? Going from dial up to wifi; you've enabled me to create a blog, as well as other creative outlets, not to mention social media. There is a dark side to you, but I prefer your brighter side; when we can all come together, be it in times of … Continue reading When the internet makes you think…

Takeaways From Bloggers Ball.

Bloggers Ball was an incredible event for me; to have won tickets as part of a giveaway, then to attend a networking event for Bloggers...Sign me up! I posted about the event a little while ago, but I thought that I would share a few lessons learnt (what to 'takeaway') from the event, if you … Continue reading Takeaways From Bloggers Ball.

Who wants to be a Unicorn? (Me!)

Unicrons. Unicrons! (And, well, Mermaids...) These days, they are everywhere, whether as part of London Fashion Week, as a limited Starbucks drink, beauty tutorials, and blog posts. I've rounded up a few posts of Unicorn inspired content, to celebrate just that. I love the fact that Bloggers are actively encouraging us to add just a … Continue reading Who wants to be a Unicorn? (Me!)

Blog relaunch and giveaway.

Hello!   Well, yes, today is the relaunch of this blog! As you can see, Mademoiselle Women has been updated, complete with new fonts, content, etc. But just why? You see, this site hasn't had an 'identity' for a while; just what is 'Mademoiselle women'? I have incredibly limited views, and not much of a … Continue reading Blog relaunch and giveaway.

The Doctor Who Tag.

Hello! A little while ago I was researching 'tag' posts that I could create my own version of; these posts are ideal, as posting daily does mean that in some respects, this blog lacks creativity. I came across The Doctor Who Tag (click here to view), and I just HAD to write it.   Who … Continue reading The Doctor Who Tag.

Blog Posts I Love. (Feat. Notebooks, style, and more!)

As I write this, it'll probably be a long time before I post this; I was inspired by what I was reading over at Gala Darling earlier today. On social media, or just blogs in general, there has just been so much drama; be it Instagram follower purchases, or debates about small businesses. I have … Continue reading Blog Posts I Love. (Feat. Notebooks, style, and more!)

The Liebster Award 2.

Hey everyone! So, Maria at Life With Maria recently nominated me to do the Liebster award; it was very kind of her to do so. You can view her post by clicking here.  The rules are simple in this sense; you think of ten or more questions, tag more bloggers with links, and ask new questions … Continue reading The Liebster Award 2.

Get to know me tag.

Good day! So yes, another tag; a goal of mine is to interact with the people who read my blog, so here goes! (I originally saw this tag here.) What's your middle name? My middle name is Keren, but not Karen. Try telling anyone and they can't spell it! What's your favorite colour? That changes … Continue reading Get to know me tag.

The Mystery Blog Award.

Hello! So, yes, there'll be two posts today; usually there's just the one, but I felt like I needed to 'make it up', due to a technical fault. I had also been nominated for this award by Natalie from Gorgeous And Geeky (click here to visit her blog).. it needed doing! The rules are:  Put … Continue reading The Mystery Blog Award.

This Or That Tag.

So, when looking for more blog posts I could write, if ever I had 'bloggers block', I came across this tag on A Beautiful Chaos (Click here to view.) I wanted to write my own version-here goes: Makeup: Blush or bronzer? Neither! Lip gloss or lipstick? Lipstick. Eye liner or mascara? Liner- Foundation or concealer? … Continue reading This Or That Tag.

The Blogger Tag.

Good morning- I really love tag posts, and looking through A Beautiful Chaos, I came across the blogger tag, which you can view here. I wanted to do my own version, so here goes! Why did you start blogging? This is a question that I've been asked a few times now; the short version is that … Continue reading The Blogger Tag.

15 thoughts I have when blogging.

We all have thoughts whilst blogging, don't we? For today's post, I thought I'd share five of my thoughts. *Sees new blogger on Twitter* "Maybe a guest post week would be fun? They could be one of the guests-a perfect thing for them!" "WHY are you rejecting me?? WAAAHHH" -On a brand that declares that … Continue reading 15 thoughts I have when blogging.

“Should blogs be political?”

Well....we live in politically interesting times, don't we?* An issue that I've seen floating around on several blogs is; "Should blogs be political?" And, if I'm completely honest, I'm a bit divided about this. Therefore, for this post, I wanted to weigh up the pros and cons, and for people to decide whether they should … Continue reading “Should blogs be political?”

Vogue 73 Questions Tag.

Over on Twitter, I saw a new tag blog post-Vogue's seventy three questions tag. I could not resist! All credit to this post, and I tag anyone who wishes to do this tag! 1. What would be your favourite film? I love films, but I could not just pick one. I love Funny Face, Bridge Of Spies, Jackie, … Continue reading Vogue 73 Questions Tag.