Takeaways From Bloggers Ball.

Bloggers Ball was an incredible event for me; to have won tickets as part of a giveaway, then to attend a networking event for Bloggers...Sign me up! I posted about the event a little while ago, but I thought that I would share a few lessons learnt (what to 'takeaway') from the event, if you … Continue reading Takeaways From Bloggers Ball.

Bloggers Ball: Just What Happened?

You know that awesome feeling you get from an email that says you've won a competition?  Well, I entered a retweet competition on Twitter to win a pair of tickets to Bloggers Ball. SO EXCITED! This event-and many others-is run by Scarlett Dixon of Scarlettlondon.com. (click here to view.)  These blog events create such a buzz-and … Continue reading Bloggers Ball: Just What Happened?

The Summer Of Impossible Things Book Launch.

Hello! A little while ago I found an invitation in my inbox, inviting me to the Book Launch of The Summer Of Impossible Things, the latest novel by Rowan Coleman. (I would just like to admit that I was a little bit shocked, as I am never invited to events like this. And I was … Continue reading The Summer Of Impossible Things Book Launch.

Making Bagels With Bagleman. *

Disclaimer: Due to Bagelman following me on Instagram-I still have no idea as to why-I pitched to see if I could review their shop. On the day, I was lucky enough to be able to go behind the counter, and see how they make their Bagels. This is what constitutes a PR related post, yet … Continue reading Making Bagels With Bagleman. *

Blogosphere Meet Up.

Last Sunday, I took part in my first Bloggers Meet Up; needless to say, I was nervous, as well as excited. But wouldn't anyone be, with a bunch of strangers from the Internet?! * This was not helped by Google Maps; going the long way around, I was just under half an hour late. And … Continue reading Blogosphere Meet Up.

Review: Becoming Esther (Play).*

[Correction: where I have mentioned The Beekeepers Daughter, it should be The Colussus.] (Disclaimer: Recently, I was lucky enough to witness the second of two performances of Becoming Esther, in conjunction with Brighton Fringe.I was lucky enough to be given Press Tickets, after I requested them-thanks Hester Phillips! *) *Okay, this was last Thursday.. I've … Continue reading Review: Becoming Esther (Play).*

Imagine Book Launch!

So, on Christmas Eve, there was a competition I saw on Facebook from a Twitter link.. Write a review of Imagine (see my blog review here) for originality.Both winners-myself and a lovely guy, called Andrew, got to attend the launch. It was at the Groucho Club, from six to eight, on Tuesday 19TH January. It … Continue reading Imagine Book Launch!

Company blog awards (it’s all about the sausages).

I love Company. I really do. Last night, I was lucky enough to attend there annual blog ceremony (no, I wasn't nominated for an award). Here are all my edited pictures from the event! I had to get the train...living a far distance from London,it was about an hour and a half away... The stage … Continue reading Company blog awards (it’s all about the sausages).