Whilst waiting for the train to get to my final Law Class, I was in a reflective mood. (It was cold, snowy, and my train was over half an hour late.) Anyway, I was in… View Post

I’ve been asked this question, and I thought it could make a semi-decent blog post; “From your perspective as an Autistic people, what would you like to change?” lead to a conversation about pet peeves.… View Post

In my notebook, I have a three word observation: “Culture of interruption”. This was after I had gone to an Opticians, wishing for my ill-fitting glasses to be adjusted. They had been causing me pain,… View Post

One thing that I have (sometimes) been criticised for is my punctuality. So: as part of documenting my Aspergers, I thought that this would be a worthwhile issue to document. Aspergers, for me, has meant… View Post

As I have said so before, I have a lot of thoughts going round inside my head at any given time. So: here are 50 thoughts about being on the Autism spectrum. *On diagnosis* “Wasn’t… View Post