This post is part of a blog series, detailing various historic landmarks on American soil. Last week, we posted about Washington DC-click here to view.
This is about New York:
Yellow cabs were everywhere-and I mean everywhere! According to some, they can only be in New York-and can’t serve anywhere else. (Do any of you understand the Joni Mitchell reference/joke in the caption?)


Yellow taxi, yellow taxi!

No matter where you are, some things just never change..


This was Central Park, designed to be a natural oasis by Voux and Olmstead. There were people everywhere..
This is a shot of the Manhattan Bridge, from about fifty meters away. It was quite an unreal experience, just to be able to walk across it. Across one wall, there are many signatures of the people who’ve visited some even proposing marriage. I had to take a picture of my favorite scribble..

Manhatten Bridge


Doctor who

I also went on a boat circling Staten Island to see the statue of liberty. It had quite a grandeur about it, something almost mythological.
Broadway I also loved-simply because of the inventiveness of the show. Matilda was supreme, simply because of the inventiveness. ┬áIt was also nice to have a proper stage door, something that isn’t always possible in England.


I went up to the eighty sixth floor in the empire state building. It is very high didn’t fancy going right too the top, at 102.

Entrance to empire state building.

This was an exhibit at The Met about Faberge eggs. I make similar things to this egg ornaments so it was very interesting to see. I also really liked the art they had there some of it particularly abstract.
This was one of the coolest things I have ever seen..A cupcake ATM ! Although a little expensive, at nearly five dollars each, I just had to try it..and would love to see something like this in the UK. To find out more, click here.

Cupcake ATM!

In NEW YORK, Grand Central Station is quite iconic. I just had to take a picture..

Grand central station