About the blog.

Hello! My name is Lydia, and I am an eighteen year old Blogger. Here I document ‘Lifestyle with Aspergers Syndrome’; having been diagnosed as having Aspergers in 2015, it seemed like the time is now to write and document this disability. There is not a lot written by teens about having the condition; neither is there a lot of media that deals with it in a creative way.

Currently, I post daily, in pursuit of the 365 day challenge; sometimes, I do so even more! There are a mix of opinion based essays, interviews, poetry, guest posts (where other people write for me), Blog tag posts, photo diaries, reviews, and more. I also regularly send Blog box swaps, and have set up a sort of pen pal initiative.

This blog takes its name from two things: the magazine Sylvia Plath had an internship at in 1953, that formed the basis for her novel The Bell Jar, and the name of the column written for ELLE by Stacey Duigud. These women were both stylish, with an enjoyment of fashion, yet were both literary, intelligent, clever. They are the women I aspire to be. This blog has been active since 17th July 2012.

Finally, I am also a Columnist for The Mid Sussex Times, have written for various publications, and am currently studying for a Journalism qualification (NTCJ).