My name is Lydia, and I am an nineteen year old trainee journalist (NCTJ.) I blog here in order to document my Aspergers Syndrome. I am also a freelancer for various publications.

I was diagnosed (at long last) is being on the Autistic Spectrum, in January 2015, two months shy of my sixteenth birthday. This blog had been around prior to that-in fact, I started it in July 2012-but because of it, I started to write about it here. Alongside this, I have also been documenting undertaking a journalism diploma, as well as going freelance, alongside product reviews, interviews, and more.

Where does this blog get its name from?

“Mademoiselle” is a reference to two women; Sylvia Plath had an internship at Mademoiselle Magazine, which formed the basis for her novel, The Bell Jar. Elle Magazine also had a columnist, for a while, writing under the name ‘Mademoiselle’.
These two women embodied intelligence with a love for fashion. They were also two brilliant journalists, proving that style and substance aren’t mutually exclusive.