My name is Lydia, and I am an eighteen year old trainee journalist, Blogger (as you can see for yourself. You wouldn’t be here otherwise.) and teen online Columnist for The Mid Sussex Times.

I was diagnosed (at long last) with Aspergers Syndrome in January 2015, two months shy of my sixteenth birthday.

To me, it has always been obvious that I am ‘different’ to what may be considered ‘normal’, whatever that means. I was more likely to be talking about politics, or reading a book, than giggling over boys, or trying out the latest make up release, when growing up.

So: I wish to document my Aspergers.

Autism as a whole is misunderstood, and I think still under-researched; my characteristics where, and often are, mocked. My teachers did not always understand me, and the way I learnt. Trying to communicate my thoughts to a very ‘neurrotypical’ society is often difficult-I can’t always make eye contact, and job interviews are hard.

People with Autism are people too. And I’ll be showing through personal essays, photo diaries, reviews, etc.

Where does this blog get its name from?

“Mademoiselle” is a reference to two women; Sylvia Plath had an internship at Mademoiselle Magazine, which formed the basis for her novel, The Bell Jar. Elle Magazine also had a columnist, for a while, writing under the name ‘Mademoiselle’.

These two women embodied intelligence with a love for fashion. They were also two brilliant journalists, proving that style and substance aren’t mutually exclusive.

And I like that. I wish to be exactly like that.