On a few previous occasions, I have been lucky enough to work with bakerdays, a company that makes delicious cakes. (See my posts here.) They were also part of this… View Post

Recently, I turned nineteen; bakerdays sent me a cake in celebration! Because what more could you want than a cake in the post? (I’ve previously worked with them, and you… View Post

Disclaimer: I was sent this Letterbox gift box  cake by baker days to review at my own request. What follows constitutes my own opinion. Good morning- Now, we all like… View Post

When in conversation with people I know to be on spectrum, they often make reference to Christmas, birthdays, etc; a recurring theme is that they do not know what to… View Post

Ah, April. How I loved you. How I hated you.  And we finally have sunshine! (Well, as I write this. Hopefully it will last.) Blog: I decided to do something… View Post