Currently I’m Reading: Digital Etiquette by Victoria Turk

[GIFTED/AD: I was gifted this book, in connection with a piece I was writing for a magazine, in exchange for an honest review on here.]


I first heard of Victoria Turk, via The Professional Freelancer newsletter; she was an editor open for pitches at the time. However, I was interested to know that she also had a book, Digital Etiquette, coming soon. Therefore, I was interested to read it.

First Impressions: 

At first I really liked the book; as I opened the parcel it came in, I began to love the orange-red cover. Rather than being a variety of colours, it’s really quite striking for that reason. I was also taken with how it had been described as an Eat, Shoots, and Leaves for a digital age.

The book itself: 

The book itself is divided into general chapters – such as dealing with communication, romance, that sort of thing. It’s at this point that I must confess to beginning to read this book with the wrong frame of mind. I am reading it more seriously than it was probably intended, looking for a way to improve my own digital communication.

Digital Etiquette has the potential to be funny, however I found it to be a bit too snarky at times; for a book that sets out a way we could all be communicating, it seems that a majority of people aren’t necessarily included. (And habits that we all probably have or have had are at some points criticised.) This is something that I struggled with most. However, I did have to laugh at times; men, please do not send unsolicited photos of… y’know! Common sense, really.

After a while, I did have to put the book down; I can’t read it cover to cover, but will probably use it as something that’s more of a reference guide.

Overall thoughts: 

For someone who is not as aware of the digital landscape – say, forty, fifty, sixty, etc – this book may be really useful. There’s a lot of information that may be useful for them, however they should note that the tone/language may shock them at times.

Digital Etiquette was not the book for me; while I liked it to begin with, I had to put it down, having not really enjoyed it. I also wasn’t a fan of how behaviours and archetypes of individuals have been put together; surely we could just communicate using common sense?

Digital Etiquette is out now. 

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