Matilda Mae: What’s in my bag?

NOTE: although I have worked with Mia Tui in the past, this bag was a Christmas present, and was not gifted to me by the brand.

For a little while now, I have been looking for a new handbag; not the sort that’ll impact the way I walk, but can also hold more than just my phone and keys. Enter the Matilda Mae from Mia Tui.

The Matilda Mae is a kind of messenger bag, but with a structured feel. I’ve previously written about how I love Mia Tui’s emphasis on organisation-and that they have a no rummage guarantee. Planning is something I find difficult, but with the amount of pockets, etc, I find it so much easier.

I went with the tan colour, largely because I wanted something a bit more distinctive; when I’m at events, everyone is usually in black, white, or grey. (Also, because it seems I collect Mia Tui now, I go for different colours! Retrospectively, I wish I had chosen black, as the cream lining well… seems made for me to ruin at some point.)

The grand contents of my bag, minus the daily paper scraps. 

There’s a variety of things I keep in my bag, for a variety of different reasons. The blue notebook is the jotter; everything is kept here, including story ideas, blog ideas, verses, monthly and weekly calendars, pitch trackers and more. Needless to say, I would be lost without it.

Most of my time is spent on trains, buses, or in cars; I usually have a book on the go, or, failing that, a podcast. (Read my piece for Debut Careers about podcasts here.) The highlighters are for my notebook, obviously, as are the pens.. You can also see the teeny, tiny box of fountain pen ink.

There are also old business cards. (For networking, etc.) I think I’ll replace them soon, tbh. Then there’s the two lip products-to look a bit professional, at least-and my house keys. (I’m notorious for forgetting them!) The sequin purse holds things like stamps, post it notes, paperclips, medication… Kind of so odds and ends aren’t everywhere, and are tidy.

The Matilda Mae comes with the brown purse-so, things like debit cards, rail passes, vouchers, are kept here, too.

What’s not shown is that I sometimes have a shorthand notebook and pen, too, and sometimes a drink for long distances, or if I’m out all day. My keys are also attached to the cord that’s inside the bag; that way, they’re impossible to forget. I have also just bought a new diary, not shown here, too.

What’s in your Mia Tui?

Lydia x


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