Amsterdam photo diary

At the end of 2018, I was lucky enough to visit Amsterdam, although this was part of a ‘stopover’ on the way to Rotterdam. It has been about four years since I last visited the city, so I was very excited to be going back. Just note that due to only being here a few hours, this is kind of a superficial account.. 


I was also a little bit wary; back in early 2018, there were several news stories about ‘anti tourism’ measures, partly due to the amount of people visiting the city. (Source.) It was a lot busier than last time; navigating while trying not to step on toes was hard. 

 This is Dam Square. According to Google, when I looked up the place name, this is one of the most important and well known locations in The Netherlands. (And I just walked straight through it!) In the background you can see the National Monument op de Dam.

What amused me was the availability of a horse and cart ride; fancy seeing the city like that? It’s probably quicker than waling, to be honest. 

And…. lunch was at this place. 

 By this time I had been travelling for a long time; I also hadn’t had a lot to eat. This is relatively near to the station; perfect for when you just want or coffee, or a meal, Royal 98 is the place to get away from hustle and bustle. 

“Am I a Blogger yet?”

 Side note: I really liked the interior. As well as this, I visited the city two days after Christmas, so all the decorations and lights were still up. 

By the end of the meal I was messing about with my iPhone, trying to take a half decent picture of the table decorations; the frosted rose, in particular, caught my eye. 

Afterwards, I looked around the city, briefly; these are just a few ‘snatched shots’ of what I saw.

It seems that Ripley’s is everywhere! (I visited the London branch back in 2017, I think?) I also liked the word play of Dolce and Gelato; I wasn’t quick enough to catch the name of this ‘duck shop’. But there is one in Brighton, so they may be paired..

I previously visited Madame Tussauds last time I visited the city; there’s also a (new?) BodyWorks exhibit, as well as the Amsterdam Dungeons. If you visit any landmark, I highly recommend the Anne Frank Huis; just be sure to book tickets in advance.

There’s also the Vincent Van Gough museum, Sherlocked, the Banksy Museum..

Wondering into seedier parts of town by accident..

There seemed to be more concern with the influx of tourism here; a couple of times, people who were obviously residents would shake their heads in disbelief. And this sign seemed to sum up the excessive culture that provoked the clampdown measures.. (Article here.)

One building that intrigued me was this, but when I took the picture, it seemed to be closed.

Love Stories is the name of Dolly Alderton’s podcast; added to this, there’s the sign on the door, and the movements just inside the door. (NOTE: I googled it, and found what Love Stories is! See the official website here.)

Tea at the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky.

I wish there had been more time to do something a little more ‘cultural’, like seeing an exhibition; I was on my way to Rotterdam, so couldn’t really..