Vegan Sweet Boxes; the subscription box you need to know about

[Gifted/AD: I was gifted this by Vegan Sweet Boxes, in exchange for a review.]

In 2018 we saw a lot about our ‘eating habits’; there was also a focus on being more sustainable, particularly when there were various bans on plastic-based products.

This year, I wanted to explore these issues more; after all, I became aware when reading the news, more and more. For that reason, I was delighted to review a box from Vegan Sweet Boxes.

Vegan Sweet Boxes is a monthly subscription box, with a variety of sizes and payment options available. (Click here to view.) The box can also be gifted to a friend or relative, and you can find out more here.

This I believe was a sample of the small box, for the value of twelve pounds, with £2.99 for postage in addition. This was what I found when I opened the box; there’s a wonderful letter by way of “thank you”, and the contents inside is wrapped in tissue paper.

I also really liked the colour scheme that was used throughout the parcel; it’s colourful, cheerful-something boxer among the bills, bank statements, and junk mail we all usually receive.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the parcel; this is the contents:

I was pleasantly surprised by the contents of the box; there was a pleasant mix of old brands and new. I also liked the fact that there were a few “childhood favourites”. (Because who doesn’t like Love Hearts, or Rainbow Drops!?)

Prior to receiving this box, I hadn’t heard of Jealous Sweets, Ape, Nine. There were some I liked trying for the first time; Doisy and Dam, cute and small enough for a handbag, was delicious. One of my “sources” who I work with closely for Byline adores dark chocolate; I’ll make sure to tell her about this brand.

The retro sweets were my favourites; the Refreshers were something I hadn’t tried before, but they were delicious. (At the time I was corresponding with a potential source, and I needed to be careful, as it may have gone pear shaped. It went well in the end..) Oh, and who wouldn’t want Rainbow Drops?

My only piece of feedback is that the box was a little bulky, and the internal packaging was a bit flimsy, due to being tissue paper. I’d be worried that any rough handling could potentially damage what’s inside.

But would I buy it again? Of course. And I’ll may ask for a subscription for my birthday. You can subscribe to Vegan Sweet Boxes here.

DISCLAIMER: This box was sent to me, at my own request, for the purpose of an honest review. See more details in my disclaimer here.