bakerdays Christmas cake review

[Gifted/AD: I was gifted this cake, and have previously collaborated with bakerdays, in exchange for a review.]

On a few previous occasions, I have been lucky enough to work with bakerdays, a company that makes delicious cakes. (See my posts here.) They were also part of this year’s gift guide as to what to buy Neurotypical people for Christmas. For that reason, I was delighted when the offered to send me a Christmas cake letterbox to try.

First impressions:

I was very grateful when this wasn’t thrown at me, unlike when the Dingbats notebook came in the post. (More on the story here.) But the box fitted perfectly though my door; it also came the day it was scheduled for delivery. It sounds silly, doesn’t it? But then again, I like things to be on time.


You know the say “it was love at first sight”? Well, that was the case when I opened it up; a relative said I should save it for a special occasion, as it looked far too good to eat on a casual occasion! (That’s not what happened, though.) When you opened the box, you could quite clearly smell it was chocolate cake, and it wasn’t overpowering.

It looks wonderful, doesn’t it? I was so impressed that it hadn’t been squashed in the post during the transit to get to me. (Plus the case is durable, which is good if you’re clumsy like me.)

It tasted so good, and it certainly says ‘Christmas’; after a long day, ending with a networking event, it made me smile. (Heard of Dial M For Muller? I was at a live event about that podcast.) Anyway, my relatives tried it, all agreeing that it was a nice cake, and relatively cheap for such good quality.


The only thing I would change about this, slightly, is two things: the icing, and the chocolate chips. The icing was a bit too sticky, enough that it was a challenge to cut and withdraw the first slice. The distribution of the chocolate chips was also a bit strange; you either had a slice with not a lot of chips or a slice with lots of them!

Asides from this, the cake was so delicious; I’ll be telling all of my friends and family about bakerdays, and I will be using their letterbox service in future. (Even with the two niggling details, it still tasted good! And it’s cheap, affordable, and can be used in case of an emergency present, if needed.)

Click here to buy the cake featured in the post. 

DISCLAIMER: The items featured in this posted were gifted to me, at my request, for an honest review. See my disclaimer for more information.

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