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Recently, I have been looking through old blogs that I use to read; I was lost for inspiration, and needed something for content. I came across this tag on A Beautiful Chaos. As I haven’t posted a tag in a while-and they seem to have gone out of fashion-I thought I would have a go. (Besides, I seem to spend a lot of time away from the blog. I miss it, and this seemed very ‘blogger’.)


 What is your favourite Christmas film?

It would have to be The Polar Express; it’s a tradition that we all watch it on Christmas Eve, complete with snacks and hot drinks, then all go to bed…

What is your favourite Christmas drink?

I tend not to drink hot drinks; be it Tea or Coffee, I don’t really drink them. But then again, I love a hot elderflower, if that counts?

Does your family have any Christmas traditions?
On Christmas Eve we all watch The Polar Express, complete with snacks and hot drinks. (Last year it was teeny tiny Macaroni Cheeses!) We have also recently chosen a tree, and we all put the decorations up, fairly early, in December.
What time do you wake up on Christmas day?
Ah, that changes every year!
Have you ever had a white Christmas?
I think I have? I think the last one in the UK was either 2006 or 2008; I don’t really remember, though.

Is your tree real or fake?

It was real last year, but I think this year it’ll be fake.

What is your favourite Christmas song?

That’s a toss up between The Fairytale Of New York, or Merry Xmas by Slade; I also really liked This Christmas Day, released by Amy MacDonald, last year.

What is your favourite colour combination of Christmas decorations?

I love red, gold and silver on a Christmas tree, particularly if it’s in the form of clustered baubles. But then again, I love blue and silver as decorations outside of it; my favourite was an icicle display I spotted a while ago.

Have  you made a Gingerbread house?

Yep. And it was an epic failure. But it tasted good, though.

What’s your favourite part of the Christmas dinner?

Crackers! (If that’s allowed?)

What is your Christmas day fashion?
Usually something smart; last year it was a black and red dress, albeit I was very cold. (Lesson learnt: jackets, or at the very least a coat, are needed.) I’ll probably go for something like last year, with a blazer.

Do you open your presents before or after dinner?

A mix of both.

I tag Lisa at Lisa’s Notebook, Envy at Lost In Translation, and Abbie at Abbie Chic.

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